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Chilling and startling true crime shows returning to CBS Reality this month 


14th Sep 2020 Film & TV

Chilling and startling true crime shows returning to CBS Reality this month 

True crime fanatics will be able to get a double helping in September with the fifth season of “Murder by the Sea” and a new season of “Evidence of Evil”. 

Sometimes murder is only a pebble’s throw away…

Nothing is more quintessentially British than a day out at the seaside – fish & chips on the promenade, riding on a donkey, losing your money in dubious-looking amusement arcades. Watching Punch & Judy with your bucket and spade in hand and paddling in the surf with your trousers rolled up. Seaside towns are a British institution; charming and old-fashioned, safe and sleepy.

Yet, despite this reputation, some of these quaint towns have played host to some of the most grisly and macabre murders ever seen in Britain. To horrific, isolated homicides to multiple slayings committed by deranged serial killers, these towns can be drenched in blood as well as sunshine. 

In Season 5 of “Murder by the Sea”, new host Dr Nell Darby, a historian and author whose PhD is in the history of crime, investigates and analyses an array of chilling cases. Her expertise, honed over many years, coupled with the knowledge of how the minds of killers work, will uncover new insights into these crimes, and will both fascinate and horrify.


Join her as she travels from coast to coast, examining the terrible crimes committed at some of Britain’s most famous seaside towns, including a Bournemouth hotelier who ran out of luck when he conspired to kill his son-in-law nine years after getting away with murdering his wife. Follow the infamous case of “Brides in The Bath” killer George Smith, who married a series of women in the early 20th Century, drowning them and stealing their money. See how the discovery of the body of a lighthouse keeper on a Scottish island was the grisly result of a feud between two lighthouse keepers, leading to a massive manhunt and a stunned community. Learn of the shocking tale of the disappearance of Elizabeth and Nicholas Newall on the peaceful island of Jersey, where what began as a missing persons case turned into a lurid murder mystery with a million-pound inheritance at the end of it. 

Also premiering on CBS Reality this month is season 3 of “Evidence of Evil”. This startling and fascinating series examines some of the most remarkable cases of recent times through the lens of a forensic microscope. Discover how detectives solved these crimes from the clues left behind at the crime scene by using scientific methods and new technology allied to exemplary police work.  Featuring new interviews from the investigators, scientists and other experts, coupled with archive footage and reconstructions, Evidence of Evil paints a detailed portrait of the cases and how the guilty were brought to justice, sometimes years after the crimes were committed.


Season 3 will open with the story of the “Fridge Killer” and how an intensive investigation and cutting-edge forensics not only solved the vicious murder of a female found dumped in a bin in Nevada, but connected a number of other victims and led detectives to uncover a serial killer. The new season will also feature the fascinating case of 84-year-old Angela Kleinsorge, found sexually assaulted and murdered at home in San Diego in 1992. Despite a major manhunt the case went cold, but thanks to a brand new and rare DNA technique and dedicated police work, the perpetrator was conclusively identified 25 years later and the case solved. The new series will also probe the slaying of a popular Doctor, found beaten to death in her Florida home. The two murderers were convinced they were committing the perfect crime, but investigators used digital technology to piece the jigsaw together and unravel a shocking story that took them thousands of miles around the United States. Across this side of the Atlantic, Evidence of Evil: An Unconscionable Murder tracks the police and forensic investigation into the heart-rending death of Nikitta Grender, found along with her unborn daughter in a burnt-out flat in South Wales.  The Zombiecon Shooting episode dissects an amazing case in Florida in 2015 – how could you possibly identify a shooter in a crowd of 20,000 people dressed as Zombies, many carrying fake, but realistic weapons? Discover how a painstaking 2 ½ year investigation finally nailed the criminal and brought them to justice.

Season 5 of “Murder by the Sea” airs on CBS Reality every Tuesday at 10 pm until 6th October.

Season 3 of “Evidence of Evil” airs on CBS Reality Wednesdays at 10 pm untill 28 October. 

You can find CBS Reality on Freeview (66), Sky (146), Virgin (148) and Freesat (135)