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Kathy Sledge: If I Ruled The World

BY Anna Walker

11th Jul 2021 Celebrities

Kathy Sledge: If I Ruled The World

The American singer-songwriter, most famous for being a founding member of Sister Sledge, envisions the world she would like to see

I’d rid the world of weapons of mass destruction because life is so valuable and precious.

That’s the first thing that I’d do. It might sound political, but it’s coming from the heart.

It would be common law that everyone has to smile more. During the pandemic, we all adapted and learned how to wear masks, so now I think we can all learn how to smile more when approaching each other. I know it sounds silly, but coming out of what we just came out of worldwide, we know it’s possible to adapt. I would tell people to have a smaller ego, and a bigger heart.

I’d end homelessness. There's so much free land in the world and I don't understand why there are homeless people when there's so much. I mean, worldwide—there's enough to go around, you know. I feel like the Peace Corps…

"There's so much free land in the world and I don't understand why there are homeless people"

We’d all treat each other as family. My daughter and I have a show on my Instagram called Family Room where we bring the world together and just let go of everything that isn’t real and in the room with us. We’re joined by all sorts of other people, including other artists, and everyone just feels like family. So I’ve seen this possibility, to treat everyone with kindness, happen organically.

I’d work with my favourite producer, Calvin Harris. I’d love to work with him one day—he’s so innovative and he really brings out the best in an artist. I love his energy. Plus I’ve been told that DJs love my voice! So maybe he’ll read this, I’m manifesting it…

I would remove the restrictions on how people can look. We have so many boundaries around what is considered beautiful and that needs to change. I do think it’s starting to, in the media you see more and more models now that look like everyday people, and I think that’s very good. I always say, “God gives you the face you’re born with and life gives you the one you deserve”.

I’d explore ways to heal the body without big pharma. We’re at the stage where money is driving everything but I would make campaigning for more natural solutions a priority. People ask me how I stay looking younger than my age, and I think it’s because for most of my life I’ve eaten what I want to eat, but with an awareness of the properties that are right outside of our door, in our garden. I would make the healing properties of our diet a priority.

Disco Classical ft Kathy Sledge will be headlining at Henley Festival 2021 from 15th – 19th September with Henley’s Summer Fling taking place from 9th – 11th July 2021.

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