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Sil Brook’s ‘Winds of transition’ – A story of revolt against the aristocracy & a fight for women's rights

Sil Brook’s ‘Winds of transition’ – A story of revolt against the aristocracy & a fight for women's rights

Winds of Transition, the British Historical Docudrama by Sil Brook, won the hearts of readers and received well at festivals with over 20 Awards/Selections. 
The screenplay has been well received at festivals, with over 20 Awards/Selections. It's because, like Downton Abbey, it's an ensemble cast, and it's all about the family
Sil Brook's Winds of Transition is a British historical docudrama inspired by the true story of Lady Constance Georgina Bulwer-Lytton. The story is set in the turmoil of 1909, England when women faced inequality and had no rights. The plot centre’s around the life of Lady Constance, who defied her aristocratic background to fight for women's equality.

An Insight into Lady Constance's Life

Georgina Bulwer-Lytton, known as Lady Constance, belonged to an influential British family. She was the third of seven children of Robert Bulwer-Lytton, the first Earl of Lytton, and Edith Villiers. Lady Constance spent her childhood in India, where her father acted as a Governor-General.
Having a lonely childhood during her early years in India, she was educated by different governesses. Later, she moved to England, where she grew up surrounded by renowned politicians, artists, and writers. Despite this, she disapproved of the aristocratic lifestyle. After her father's death, she started caring for her mother and attempted to escape the public's interest.
In the story, Lady Constance is married to Sir Sinclair, who is a very manipulative man. He believed that men are the leaders and women are mere followers. His actions created a drift between the two, and after years of marriage, she felt as if her husband was a stranger.

Rejecting the Aristocratic Life & Becoming An Advocate for Women's Rights

Lady Constance ignored her privileged background and joined the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU), a large group of militant suffragettes fighting for "Votes for Women."
She subsequently served four separate prison terms for her involvement in suffragette movements. Because she was the sister of a House of Lords member and the Viceroy's daughter, she decided to go under the pseudonym and disguise of Jane Warton, an "ugly London seamstress," to escape from preferential attention and rewards.

Lady Constance Died Fighting for Women's Rights

The brave lady fought for women's rights bravely and went to prison four times. Since she did not want any preferential advantages for being the daughter of the Viceroy and the sister of a House of Lords member, she gave the police a false name, Jane Warton. She did not want anybody to learn about her real identity, due to which she spent months in prison. While she was on a hunger strike, she was force-fed. Although her will remained strong, her body started deteriorating, and during one of the force-feedings, she aspirated and became gravely ill.
Lady Constance never fully recovered from the treatment received in prison. She suffered from a heart attack and strokes, and in 1923, she passed away at the age of 54. Suffragette colors were laid on her coffin at her funeral to honor her contributions.

Sil Brook's Docudrama 'Winds of Transition' Honors Lady Constance

Winds of Transition is a historical docudrama and an award-winning screenplay by Sil Brook inspired by actual events.
The plot dates back to the early 20th century; in Edwardian London, a courageous woman, who is none other than Lady Constance, rebels against her noble background and leads the fight for women's equality.

Sil Brook – The CEO Of Tierra Productions LLC

Sil Brook, the co-founder and CEO of Tierra Productions LLC, received her early education in the UK and later graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BFA in Media Arts.
Tierra Productions has done research work for documentaries, including Mysteries of the Bible, Pompeii: The Last Day, Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time, The Lost Gods of Easter Island, Weapons that Made Britain, and many more. The company now produces premium quality feature films like the Award-Wining docudrama Winds of Transition, now in pre-production, and Moments in Time in development.

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