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Book Review: Night School by Lee Childs


1st Jan 2015 Book Reviews

Book Review: Night School by Lee Childs

No stranger to the best-seller charts, Lee Child's latest novel invites you to follow everyone's favourite action hero, Jack Reacher, through the nineties.

Sometimes it’s hard to beat a proper, no-nonsense, foot-to-the-floor thriller—the kind where it’s never difficult to tell the goodies from the baddies, and where the hero doesn’t waste any time agonising about what some of us might regard as moral dilemmas. And at those times, I find, it’s equally hard to beat Lee Child.

In fact, if you’ve ever wondered why he’s become one of the world’s bestselling writers, Night School should make it pretty clear.



"He gets results because he’s very good both at fighting and at making wild guesses"



Unlike most of Child’s previous 20 Jack Reacher novels, it takes place back in the mid-Nineties, with Reacher still an American military policeman rather than a man who used to be one.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much what you’d expect, and exactly what you’d want: an endlessly exciting page-turner, with a little undertow of melancholy, written in the classic hard-boiled way. (Lots of short sentences. Many without verbs.)

Naturally, after being called in by the government to foil a terrorist plot, Reacher doesn’t always play by the rules. Just as naturally, though, he gets results—largely because he’s very good both at fighting and at making wild guesses that prove to be true.

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