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A warning from the future of nuclear destruction


6th Apr 2021 Book Reviews

A warning from the future of nuclear destruction

Author Denise E. Jacobs is, in most respects, an ordinary woman. Her life story, as related for the first time in new memoir Red Amaryllis, however, is anything but ordinary.

Sharing, among many other things, a deeply personal account of true events surrounding a remarkable eight-year David Vs Goliath historic court case within the Royal Courts of Justice, pitted against one of the world’s largest financial institutions, it offers a convincing testimony to the possibility of life after this life and the reality of psychic powers. It also comes with a terrifying warning to us all about the future from the hereafter. If you don’t believe in an afterlife or higher purpose then Red Amaryllis will make you think again.

By Denise E. Jacobs


You may not believe in an afterlife, or the ability to communicate with those who have passed on and, frankly speaking, neither did I when I was younger.

I actually started out as a rather shy person who often lived in the shadow of my family and friends. I would hate being the centre of attention—something that still makes me feel uncomfortable today—which is why it is somewhat ironic that I have been compelled to share all the astonishing life events I have experienced with the public.

This is partly why I penned my autobiography, Red Amaryllis: to share the lessons I have learned along the way, including a vital warning I have received about the future. On this point, my memoir covers two huge life events that have shaped me into the person I am today.

Back in my early 20s I would have been hugely cynical if I had been introduced to anyone claiming to be a genuine psychic. However, I had no choice but to re-evaluate my position when, in the early 1980s, I, myself, started receiving premonitions. So, I find myself in this peculiar position where I am sharing a true story which, I believe, proves there is a life beyond this life. Not only does it amaze friends and strangers alike if they become the recipients of this psychic guidance but it also still amazes me each time I am able to pass along accurate messages and information to others that I could never know about without being fed the evidence from a higher realm.

I really don’t take myself too seriously but passing along messages which provide insight into the past, present, and even future, never stops being remarkable. I’m often asked how it works and, if I’m honest, I don’t really know. These messages can take several forms, but they’re always centred around emotions and senses. Sometimes I see images; other times I hear audible clues, and sometimes it’s even a smell—but every time I receive guidance it’s to help prove to people that life doesn’t simply end here.  


Denise E. Jacobs recounts how she has devoted her life to warning the world of impending nuclear destruction in new memoir Red Amaryllis.

The second life-affirming moment came at the end of a decade-long historic legal battle against Legal & General Assurance Society Limited, one of the world’s largest multi-national financial institutions. This truly was a David Vs Goliath case. For so long it seemed like one loss after another: I lost my darling brother, Paul, while my husband and I lost our income, our house, and legal aid support. This forced me to educate myself in financial law, while also going through a gruelling health ordeal with breast cancer (which, thankfully, I won). If nothing else, it taught me determination, discipline, perspective, and, most importantly, faith. 

Why faith? Along this journey, my desperation transformed me into a survivor. My best friend calls me a “bona fide juggernaut and force of nature” because, in certain situations, I refuse to take 'no' for an answer, especially if it’s related to a decision of justice. My friends often say my life is a cross between the films Erin Brockovich and Ghost.

The reason I place so much emphasis on my historic legal battle with Legal & General is because during those times I was provided with countless examples of psychic guidance which, incredibly, would ultimately prove pivotal to receiving a positive outcome.

Don’t take my word for it. Over many years I have amassed a compendium of testimonies which attest to these events, a large selection of which are included in Red Amaryllis and which come from a myriad of highly credible people occupying a variety of public roles. These moments became so important that they are even referenced in court transcripts as demonstrable proof that these psychic messages are irrefutably true.

Like all gripping stories, there is an unexpected twist which links both these huge life events. The extreme pressures I encountered over my decade-long historic legal battle became the vehicle I needed to prove to myself that these messages are genuine. These messages would always, without fail, correctly predict future events. In a similar fashion, it’s my belief that my life development has been preparing me for bigger events yet to come. This gift comes with a most serious responsibility, for which I can only say that I have been entrusted.

I have been given a dire warning from those in the next dimension about the future. In no uncertain terms, I have been told that there are serious political machinations directing us towards nuclear destruction through a Third World War. I have been shown vividly that by 2025 we will reach an obvious crossroad, commencing with a dramatic escalation in the tensions between Iran and the West. Nations will be forced to choose sides and, before the dust settles, billions of people will have died as a result.


I repeat that I have actually seen this future scenario play out, and each time I have been left shaken by what I have witnessed. It seems difficult to believe when I say it out loud to myself but I have received too many confirmations of my gift to doubt what I am receiving.

It is important to say that we can still alter this future, but it will require those in positions of power to take heed of the warnings to turn us back from the brink. Many world leaders feel they are unaccountable to anyone else, largely because they do not believe anyone sits in judgement above them. The truth is far from it.

I have been told that this life is a ‘test’ of sorts. We’re responsible for our actions to ourselves and others. Which is why action must be taken for everyone to pursue a peaceful future instead of an atomic future—before it is irreversible. We still have time, but it is running out. 

I can’t do more to convince people in what I’m saying and, perhaps, I will be ignored, but I am certain in my duty to make this warning, and have done everything in my power to bring it to everyone’s attention; not for fame or fortune, but because this is where my life has been heading to for all these years. Now, the choice is yours.

Red Amaryllis by Denise E. Jacobs is available now on Amazon, priced £14.99 in paperback. Visit www.redamaryllis.org.


We speak with Denise E. Jacobs, author of new memoir Red Amaryllis, to learn more about her claim to have psychic powers and how she has selflessly used this gift to help others.


Q. How did you first come to realise that you had psychic abilities?

A. In my early 20s, back at the start of the 1980s. I had never had any sort of psychic experience growing up but then, all of a sudden, all sorts of weird things started happening to me when I just knew things I couldn’t possibly know, and where I couldn’t explain how I knew them. It was another psychic who recognised my ‘symptoms’ and first explained what was happening to me.

Q. What has convinced you, and those around you, that your messages are real?

A. Every bit of information contained in the messages I have received has proved to be unnervingly accurate. It is impossible to make them up. Not even the best magician could. This is exhibited in Red Amaryllis.

Q. Do you ever miss the life you had before you developed your ability?

A. Yes and no. Yes, because I don’t like to be in the limelight. Yes, because I will consider myself a failure if I can’t get people to listen to my message as it’s been a constant burden since the terrible day that I first saw the nuclear horrors that lay ahead for us. At the same time, no, because in exchange my gift enabled me to help and give comfort to so many in their time of need. And selfishly, I have been so lucky to be able to stay in touch with my late brother, Paul.

Q. What do you think readers will get from reading Red Amaryllis?

A. A breath-taking, thought-provoking, against-all-the-odds true story of one woman's legal battle against a multi-national institution, with an added twist of a wake-up call that will change the way the reader will see this world and the next. I guess you could say that this is an opportunity to discover the truth about the afterlife (or life after this life).

Q. Where did the title of the book come from?

A. My first birthday after my parents both died in the same year (within 16 days of each other), I was randomly handed a stunning bunch of red amaryllises from a local florist as a gift.  This blew my mind because it had become a tradition to receive red amaryllis, my favourite flowers, every year on my birthday from my parents. As the florist handed them to me, I heard the voice of my father wishing me a happy birthday.

Q. Why do you hate being described as a psychic?

A. In short, because of too many frauds, too many attention seekers, and too many bad Hollywood movies. Also, it is my opinion that since biblical times church leaders were probably all too aware that some of their congregation genuinely did have legitimate psychic abilities, but the thought of their own power being weakened caused them to demonise this ability. It’s been downhill since then.

Q. In your memoir you reveal how your late brother, Paul Bilton, helped you in a lengthy historic legal battle with Legal & General after his death. Can you explain Paul’s role?

A. The case was for misrepresentation, negligence, and breach of the regulatory rules against the financial institution. It seemed like a David Vs Goliath case but Paul helped me throughout and told me where to find hidden evidence that finally led to a settlement. Saying that, I could never have secured an out-of-court settlement if I had not forced myself to learn financial law as I wouldn’t have been able to have followed Paul’s instructions and guidance.

Q. How can someone know if a self-proclaimed psychic is a genuine medium?

A. It’s really quite simple. If someone has a genuine psychic ability then that person will be able to pass on information that they could never know. That’s it. There’s no grey areas; just answers that are straight to the point, unambiguous, and correct. Ignore anyone else who takes ten guesses to eventually guess a vague piece of information. Also, disbelieve anyone who claims they are able to get information as a psychic 24 hours a day. It is not possible from my experience. Help only arrives on the terms of those who exist in the next dimension, and not on mine. But when it does arrive, it will knock your socks off.

Q. How do people react when you provide them with messages from those who have departed?

A. It’s a mixed bag. Some are shocked; others are amazed. Most cry buckets and are relieved to know their ‘deceased’ loved ones are okay and existing in another dimension. All are grateful. The number of people whom I have encountered as cynics and who have left as believers is endless. One person nearly had a mental breakdown and took some considerable time to come to terms with rationalising it (he’s okay now). It’s one heck of a shock to those who have never believed it possible.

Q. Do you charge a fee for giving messages?

A. No. I never have and never will charge people for the messages I give them. If I’m providing help to somebody, which can sometimes be fundamentally life-changing or life-saving, then why would I possibly want to charge them? I didn’t choose to have this gift and I am not using it for fame or wealth. All I want to do is to help, believe it or not.

Q. Why do you think you have been chosen to warn about impending nuclear war?

A. I have absolutely no idea.  I’m just an ordinary woman. Those in the next dimension must have mistaken me for someone else, that’s all I can say.

Q. What signs should we be aware of that indicate a Third World War is approaching?

A. The entire world will recognise it in 2025 as tension in the Middle East will grow exponentially pushing us to the point of no return. The important thing to remember is that it’s not yet too late. If we can steer the world towards peace, predominantly through the judicious choice of leaders who represent our nations, then we may yet avert this forthcoming catastrophe. I only pray that this happens as the horrific alternative, from what I’ve witnessed, is simply beyond words.

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