15 New books to lose yourself in this November

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This month, in particular, is driving us to distraction. And what better way to escape from the real world than with a book! This selection has been chosen to thrill, surprise and entertain. What will you read next?


by Fiona Melrose

A breathtaking debut novel set between about a family broken by grief and guilt. Landyn and Dale Midwinter are father and son living and working together as farmers in Suffolk.

Years previously, when the entire family lived in Zambia, wife and mother Cecilia died a horrible death. Over the course of a brutal winter, the pair battle with memories, pain and each other. As Landyn’s erratic decision-making threatens their livelihood, Vale seeks comfort in the wilderness, and in particular, a fox.

Midwinter is published by Corsair



Swing Time

by Zadie Smith

Smith’s fifth novel is about childhood, friendship, race, celebrity, scandal and class. It sweeps across time and place and over a quarter of a century we shift between London, New York and West Africa, and it’s epic! Written with depth and understanding, Smith astute coming-of-age observations remind us of the way we all were as puberty kicked in.

Her previous bestseller, NW, has just been adapted by the BBC. Don’t miss it!

Swing Time is published by Hamish Hamilton




by Jess Kidd

Himself by Jess Kidd, published by Canongate

Set in a small village in the West Coast of Ireland, this is a haunting and darkly comic tale of Mahony, a young man searching for the mother who abandoned him as a baby. When he returns to the village of his birth he learns that his mother was disliked by everyone, but no one will tell him what happened to her.

Did she leave the village of her own accord? Was she murdered? Can the ghosts Mahony communicates with shed any light on the mystery?

Himself is published by Canongate Books




by Salley Vickers

Cousins by Salley Vickers, published by Viking

Best known for The Cleaner of Chartres and The Other Side of You, this is the tenth novel by one of our best women writers. Cousins is a towering tale of three generations of the Tye family, spanning 70 years.

It opens with a tragic life changing event, and the subsequent family meltdown—as dangerous secrets are unearthed and lies are exposed—forms the heart of the tale. What led to the tragedy and who is to blame?

Cousins is published by Viking



Miss Jane

by Brad Watson

Miss Jane by Brad Watson, published by Picador

Award-winning American writer, Brad Watson, has been long-listed for the coveted National Book Award for this beautifully written novel about the life of Miss Jane Chisholm, loosely based on his own great-aunt.

She was born in Mississippi in the early part of the 20th Century with a genital defect, which would affect her for the rest of her life. She loves and is loved, and in spite of the limitations of her body, hers isn’t a life without pleasure.

Miss Jane is published by Picador



Remember Me Like This

by Bret Anthony Johnston

Remember Me Like This by Bret Anthony Johnson

If you’ve been watching The Missing on BBC One you have to read this enthralling book. It was published a few years ago, to great acclaim, and the story is devastating.

A family is initially euphoric with joy when their 11-year-old son is found, 4 years after he disappeared. But soon every member finds himself or herself struggling in the turmoil.

So begins this psychologically complex tale about the effects the return of a long-lost child has on the parents and siblings who have given him up for dead.

Remember Me Like This is published by Two Roads



Nightmare in Berlin

by Hans Fallada

Nightmare in Berlin by Hans Fallada, published by Scribe

Available for the first time in English, this brilliant novel by Hans Fallada, who died the same year it was published in 1947, was a runaway bestseller in his native Germany.

Set during post-war Berlin it tells the autobiographical story of a married couple battling to survive in a desperate new world. Dr Doll and his wife return from the countryside at the end of the war to resume their lives. Berlin is devastated and the pair seek ways to obliterate their reality.

Nightmare in Berlin is published by Scribe



The Ice Lands

by Steinar Bragi

The Ice Lands by Steinar Bragi, published by Pan Macmillan

Four 30-somethings from Reykjavik—the reckless hedonist Egill; the recovering alcoholic Hrafin; and their partners Anna and Vigdis—head into Iceland’s desolate volcanic hinterlands on a camping trip, their jeep packed with supplies. They’re victims of the financial crisis and the trip is to help them come to terms with their shattered lives.

Caught in a storm, they seek refuge in a rural farmhouse owned by a mysterious elderly couple. A claustrophobic and creepy co-existence begins to shape. Will they all emerge unscathed?

The Ice Lands is published by Macmillan



When in French: Love in a Second Language

by Lauren Collins

When in French: Love in a Second Language by Lauren Collins, published by Fourth Estate

This funny, informative and cleverly written memoir is a love story with a difference. Lauren Collins falls in love with Olivier, a Frenchman, and relocates to Switzerland. The only problem is, she can barely speak a word of French.

So begins Lauren’s linguistic romance as she navigates through language and love and the complications and that arise as she becomes more intimate with both.

When in French: Love in a Second Language is published by Fourth Estate



Dr Finlay's Casebook

by A J Cronin

Dr Finlay's Casebook by A. J. Cronin, short stories

The original stories about the much-loved Scottish country doctor that were adapted by the BBC into a TV favourite—and long-running series—in the 1960s.

Set in the fictional Scottish village of Tannochbrae, between the wars, these stories are heart-warming, funny and full of unforgettable characters and fascinating storylines. The classic tales of the youthful Dr Finlay, his senior colleague Dr Cameron and their unflappable housekeeper Janet, remain as fresh and entertaining today as they were when first published.

Dr Finlay's Casebook is published by Pan Macmillan

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All of Us and Everything

by Bridget Asher

All of Us and Everything by Bridget Asher, published by Corvus

In the aftermath of a huge storm, the three Rockwell sisters each flee their tumultuous lives and return to the family home. As the women reconvene, a box of letters churned up by the storm is delivered to the house.

Contained within it are clues to a mystery that the sisters have long since given up on solving: why was their father and why did he leave? The answers are beyond anything they could imagine, and will forever change the way they view their lives. That’s if they don’t kill each other first…

All of Us and Everything is published by Corvus Books



I Hate the Internet

by Jarett Kobek

I Hate the Internet by Jarett Kobek

“The internet was a wonderful invention. It was a computer network which people used to remind other people that they were awful pieces of shit”.

Meet Adeline. She’s a middle-aged creator of a semi-popular comic book series and she’s expressed some unpopular opinions in public, which have made their way onto YouTube. And there are consequences…

This is a book for today, now. It’s a hilarious rant-stroke-satire on the Internet Age. It will make you want to disconnect and that may not be such a bad thing!

I Hate the Internet is published by Serpent’s Tail



Small Great Things

by Jodie Picoult

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

The radical new novel from the bestselling American author of My Sister’s Keeper and The Storyteller. When a new born baby dies after a routine procedure in hospital, the finger of blame is immediately pointed at Ruth Jefferson, the black delivery nurse. Her accuser? A white supremacist who didn’t want her anywhere near his child in the first place.

Kennedy McQuarrie, a lawyer who defends the helpless, cannot resist this case. As the trial unfolds, all three—accused, accused and defender—will be forced to confront truths about the world they live in.

Small Great Things is published by Hodder & Stoughton



Istanbul Istanbul

by Burhan Sönmez

Istanbul Istanbul by Burhan Sönmez, published by Telegram Books

Destined to become a classic, this rivetting novel is poignantly set shortly after a military coup. Below the ancient streets of Istanbul, four prisoners sit, awaiting their turn at the hands of their wardens. When they are not subject to unimaginable violence, to pass the time the condemned tell one another stories about the city.

Over ten days, ten stories are told—parables and riddles about suffering and hope, love and humour. Inspired by the author's own experiences of being imprisoned after a military coup, this is a beautiful ode to Istanbul.

Istanbul Istanbul is published by Telegram



The Power

by Naomi Alderman

The Power by Naomi Alderman, published by Viking Books

Described by the publicity blurb, The Power is ‘The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Hunger Games' and it’s a pretty decent description. Alderman is a brilliant multi-award winning writer who breaks rules and creates subversive stories.

Here, we wake up to a world in which women find they can inflict pain and death with the flick of their fingers. Women now have the power to change the world! 

The Power is published by Viking


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