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Top 5 beaches in Europe you may not have heard of

Top 5 beaches in Europe you may not have heard of
We all know how happy a coastal retreat can make us – from the soothing sound of waves to the warmth of the sun, and happy toes in sand.
There are beaches, and then there are beaches. And then there are secret beaches, which are even more special. Read on to find the best lesser-known beaches, with everything from secret spots in the Mediterranean to dramatic shores just outside the Arctic Circle.

Ġnejna Bay, Malta

Golden sands, unique scenery, and the hot Maltese sunshine make this a prime beach to spend a day sunbathing. Ġnejna isn’t as crowded as the nearby Golden and Għajn Tuffieħa Bays so you can swim and snooze in peace. It’s also easily accessible with a carpark and public transport links available nearby. You can’t help but smile as you look out over the stunning views of the cliffs reaching out into the sea of this secluded bay.

Aretes Beach, Greece

When you think of Greek beaches, most will automatically conjure up an image of an island spot with white stoned buildings in the background in the Aegean. Some of the best places to sunbath and swim are on the mainland though. Take Aretes Beach in Halkidiki, located on the middle of three peninsulas and hidden away in a small sandy cove, it’s a great secluded spot to get some rest and relaxation. Ideal for the whole family with calm waters and a sandy bottom that gently deepens, with a shallow area in the north. The waters themselves are incredibly clear, perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Aretes is a real hidden treasure, perfect for a quiet day at the beach during your Greek adventure.
Image of secret beach in Reynisfjara,Iceland

Reynisfjara, Iceland 

An island known for its stunning scenery this Icelandic beach doesn’t buck the trend. The blackest volcanic sand stretches out into the bluest waters you’ve ever seen, a truly striking landscape to behold. Be sure to get a picture of the Reynisdrangar, giant stone pillars that were once trolls that stayed out too late at night and were turned to stone by the morning sun, according to local folklore. The lumps of ice broken off from nearby glaciers are a solid indicator that this isn’t a place for a swim, however it’s an awesome place for a walk as the roaring waves of the North Atlantic crash against the shore of this truly unique destination.

Dhërmi, Albania

Clear waters, pristine sands, and almost guaranteed sunny weather. Dhërmi has everything you need to make every beachgoer happy. The only thing missing are the hordes of people that normally flock to a beach like this. Nicknamed the Albanian Rivera, this stretch of the Adriatic Coast is on the radar to become the next tourist hotspot. But don’t worry, you’ve still got time to get in and enjoy the sand, sea, and surf before it becomes too commercialised. 
Image of the Amalfi Coast in Italy as one of top 5 beaches in Europe

Bagni Regina Giovanna, Italy

Just up the hill from the hustle and bustle of Sorrento lies this hidden gem. After a short walk through the woods, you emerge into a small cove, surrounded by cliffs, with an arch that leads out into the Mediterranean, perfect for a swim. For history buffs there’s the ruins of an ancient roman villa perched on the cliff tops, and there’s fantastic views from the top of the arch. There are public transport buses that drop you a short walk to the cove but to make the most of your Italy trip and explore more of the amazing Amalfi Coast, why not hire a car? With azure waters, stunning cliff scenery, and history to boot, Bagni Regina Giovanna is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 
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