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7 Great carry-on bags for a short getaway

BY Joshua Joda

5th May 2023 Travel Guides

3 min read

7 Great carry-on bags for a short getaway
7 useful carry-on bags that are great for short trips
A carry-on bag has become essential for regular travel and short stays: they’re easy to take around, stow away in the overhead cabin and get you quickly on your way once you arrive at your destination. After all, ultimately we want easy and convenient travel.
So if you’re a frequent business traveller, travel vlogger or just like a holiday—it makes sense to want a durable, sturdy, and reliable piece of luggage for trips. Here's a list of some carry-ons that are great for a short getaway.
Last updated - May 2023

Samsonite Airea spinner S

Samsonite airea spinner
This Samsonite cabin bag is a great all-rounder, made with tough, durable material— it’s lightweight, easy to carry around and has enough space for a two-to-three-day trip. Efficient packing is an important part of any trip and the spinner is great for this as it features expandability— extra room to squeeze in a few more items.
The case comes with a TSA combination lock to give you peace of mind and keep your belongings secure on your journeys.

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner

American tourister bon air
American Tourister’s luggage combines great form and function, with stylish, colourful cases like this Bon Air Spinner, fitted with a polypropylene outer shell making it sturdy and damage resistant.
Though despite its hard outer casing, the luggage itself is still light and easy to take with you on the go. It makes use of four, 360-degree wheels which may prove invaluable for a quick dash through the airport.

Aerolite lightweight hard-shell case

Aerolite hardshell
This hard-shell case is approved for use on most UK airlines, with four wheels for extra mobility and a hard outer casing made to withstand turbulence, transit and so on. Even so, you can travel with confidence, as the suitcase is covered with Aerolite’s five-year warranty.

It luggage - 2-wheel cabin bag

IT luggage
With a unique design and colour detail, this light cabin bag has a lightweight, fiberglass exterior and is described as the “World’s lightest two-wheel soft cabin suitcase”. Its tough structure it built to last, while also being light and easy to carry, which is great for taking with you on the go.

Samsonite Paradiver case

Samsonite paradiver
You can go for an alternative travel look with Samsonite’s two-wheel Paradiver, aptly described as a “duffle bag on wheels”. It doesn’t have the traditional carry-on bag aesthetic, but it’s still approved for airline cabin requirements and has plenty of space for your essential items.
It also comes with a removable shoulder strap if you wanted to carry the bag more like a backpack. There’s also another positive for this bag as you probably won’t have trouble remembering what your luggage looks like with a Paradiver.

Ted Baker Belle suitcase

Ted baker belle
Travel with style with this distinctly moulded cabin bag made from polycarbonate, which is strong enough to withstand bumpy journeys. The four-wheel case comes with a golden bow on the front and golden handle, plus it come in three different colours. Some nice touches if you wanted to show off your carry-on for a travel reel for social media.

Samsonite Flux expandable case

Samsonite flux
On the pricier side of things, this hard-shell suitcase from Samsonite has a fully lined interior and notably has expandability, along with an inside compartment. And this can be seen as a bonus, as it’s a feature that isn’t all too common with hard shell luggage.
And with an easy-to-use handle and four-wheel maneuverability, you’ll be in for a no frills, straightforward experience with this case.
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