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10 Weekend bags that are perfect for a quick getaway


19th May 2023 Travel Guides

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10 Weekend bags that are perfect for a quick getaway
Planning a weekend trip? You could make good use of these bags for your essential items
As travel becomes further democratised, we may be seeing people take more frequent trips through the year and while travel hasn’t quite returned to pre-pandemic levels, people are still regularly venturing out domestically and abroad. The rise of weekend trips in recent years has been talked about in travel circles recently and understandably—as they’re fairly easy to plan, cheaper and don’t take up too much time to see through.
So, if you’re a weekend tripper aiming to take a trip or a few this year, you may already be thinking about the ideal bag to take with you—from duffle bags to overnight bags and holdalls, here are some recommendations for a short stay.

Aerolite bag

This bag is exactly the right size for taking onboard planes to fit under your seat and will be accepted by practically every airline worldwide. On top of this, it’s conveniently sized with enough space to pack all your essentials for your trip, with a lockable main compartment for safe keeping.
It also comes with a two-strap system, a longer strap for you to carry the bag by your shoulders and a Velcro strap to be carried by hand.
  • Capacity - 20 litres

Narwhey duffle bag

The Narwhey duffle bag is straightforward holdall, perfectly fitting underseat in airplanes but also having room for your storage needs, with an external compartment for packing smaller items in. It has solid and sturdy straps for carrying around, which can cleverly slot through the handles of luggage bags to be carried on top of them.
The bag also comes in an array of colours and patterns to suit your needs.
  • Capacity - 25 litres

Wildroad duffle bag

This canvas duffle bag is designed with microfibre material and sturdy zippers and padded handles, built to be robust and tactile. The bottom of the bag comes with four plastic cushions for extra support for items inside, with several compartments and pockets around the bag for storage of several items. It also has a detachable shoulder strap, allowing for various forms of carrying, which is perfect for taking the bag on a hike, to the beach or to a picnic, depending on your plans.
  • Capacity - 40 litres

Newhey holdall bag

As a large canvas holdall, this is a great choice as an overnight or weekend bag, with an uncomplicated yet classy design in brown and grey, accompanied by its all-important large storage capacity. It comes with one large main compartment, two side pockets as well as two exterior pockets for space for an extra number of items.
The bag itself is also waterproof which will stop you worrying about it in inclement weather As well as being airline-friendly to pass for a carry-on bag, it’s simultaneously roomy enough for a weekend or three to four days.
  • Capacity - 40 litres

Samsonite Paradiver bag

At first glance, Samsonite’s Paradiver bag may come across as more of a cabin luggage, but it’s surprisingly adaptable. It would be best to think of it as a duffle bag with wheels—which is conveniently how Samsonite describes it.
With three ways of using it—being carried like a duffle bag, pulled along by its retractable handle, or placed on your back as a backpack—it’s a flexible bag made to fit what’s most comfortable for you. In terms of storage, it has a reasonable capacity along with an external compartment for more storage space. All in all, it’s an intuitive and diverse bag that’s great for a variety of travel choices and situations.
  • Capacity - 48.5 litres

CS COSDDI weekend bag

This weekend bag leans more towards being a tote bag in design and aesthetic, but it comes in two adjustable sizes—the larger 29 litres and 20 litres depending on how much you want to pack. It’s made of a durable, waterproof material to protect your belongings and has sturdy high-density straps to bear up to 18kg in weight, so you don’t need to worry too much about the straps being worn down.
It’s a great travel companion with a large enough capacity for all the basic items you’ll need for a short trip or stay.
  • Capacity - 20 litres, 29 litres expanded

Amazon Basics duffle bag

This bag does what it says on the tin and is spacious enough to fit a variety of items, made from 100% nylon with durable zippers and can fit up to 22.7kg maximum weight.
With its more rectangular shape and flexible material, it can expand to squeeze in items and fold flat for easy storage when empty. Perfectly easy to carry and a great choice for a gym bag or a quick weekend getaway.
  • Capacity - 98 litres

Eono Travel bag

Amazon’s own brand Eono has a wide array of items for travel, including travel bags like this duffle bag which comes with up to 90 litres of storage capacity. That is more than enough for some clothes, books, accessories and other bits and pieces. The bag is made from 100% double-layer polyester and is built to last the wear and tear of regular use.
Despite being made of light material and having large capacity, the bag only weighs 430g and is foldable, allowing you to store it away easily when not in use.
  • Capacity - 90 litres

Vomgomfom overnight bag

With 65 litres of capacity, this overnight bag is a great choice for storing general items and made from durable, water and tear-resistant polyester for extended periods of use. When empty it can be folded into itself and it conveniently comes with five compartments, a padded grip for carrying, a removable shoulder strap and a handy side pocket for shoes.
  • Capacity - 65 litres

Oxycute holdall bag

This duffle bag is made from a durable, woven leather outer material, with polyester in the inside lining—its design is strong and detailed stitching helps to make it enhance it tear-resistant. It’s a no-frills, large capacity bag that’s great for storing your essentials, as well as keeping them organised.
Great for a weekend trip, business trip or an extended stay if desired.
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