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7 Excellent reasons to take a river cruise

7 Excellent reasons to take a river cruise
Sometimes on holiday you want to see new sights, visit lots of new places, yet still have plenty of time for relaxation - which seems a lot to ask! However, there might just be an answer…
If you want to avoid the stress of travelling from one destination to another whilst trying to cram everything into an itinerary, then a river cruise could just be the perfect solution. Want to know more? Check out these fabulous reasons why going on a river cruise could be the perfect option for your next trip away.

1. Spend less time repacking

On a multi-city break where you’re visiting lots of places on one holiday, you usually need to constantly repack your bags, haul your baggage, check in and then check out of a new hotel at each destination. However, on a river cruise, the cabin you’re assigned is where you stay for the duration so you can get comfy and simply settle in. The beauty of river cruise ships is they are essentially floating boutique hotels, meaning you only need to unpack once whilst travelling from one amazing destination to another. Stress-free travel at its finest.

2. Cruise iconic waterways

The rivers of the world offer some iconic journeys. Discover the highlights of Europe as you sail along the Rhine, Danube or Douro - a Classical Danube River Cruise is a great option if you’ve never experienced a river cruise before, with a short flight time to the starting destination, and a lovely seven-day sail through some of the pretties towns and cities. If you fancy something further afield, you can also experience a river cruise in worldwide destinations such as Egypt, where you can cruise down the Nile and visit all the ancient sites. Feeling even more adventurous? Take Yangtze Cruise in China, which can also be combined with hotel stays for the trip of a lifetime.

3. A different view, every day

Image of buildings along the edge of a river
River cruise ships are smaller than ocean liners, but no less perfectly formed. However, this means that they’re able to navigate through smaller waterways, so you can experience many adventures along the way (for example, locks on the Rhine). You’ll also dock in the very heart of cities or towns – and you’ll usually always be able to see the banks of the river as well, so you can see more rural life as you sail too.

4. See cities with a guide 

Image of a grand building with a coach and horses
If you want to make the most of exploring each destination, then what better than seeing the city with a knowledgeable guide? With every day an exciting experience in a new destination, your holiday will be brought to life even further when you’re immersed in the history, culture, and exploring the must-see sights with someone who can tell you everything you need to know. Depending on where you sail, guided city tours usually cover key locations such as Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava on Danube river cruises and Cologne, Heidelberg and Strasbourg on Rhine river cruises.

5. See more, do more on an optional excursion

Image of a couple of glasses of white wine
But it’s not just about sailing and city tours. Depending on your river cruise itinerary, there are usually plenty of optional excursions at each point of port of call. So whether you fancy experiencing a classical music concert in Vienna, hearing the works of Mozart or partaking in some wine tasting in Cochem, there are always extras to enjoy. If you’re more of an independent traveller, you can explore more of wherever you’re docked that day independently - your local guide or tour leader will be happy to give some top tips or suggestions. Alternatively, use the time to simply stay on onboard and relax. On a river cruise the choice is yours!

6. Relax on the river

Image of two couples on board a river cruise deck
River cruises offer a serene way to travel. Each ship offers a range of wonderful, modern facilities, with comfortable cabins and lounge areas. Relax on the sundeck whilst taking in the scenery. Have a drink in the bar. Enjoy a delicious themed dinner prepared specially by the onboard chef and even experience live music.
River ships are also much smaller than an ocean cruise liner, so you’ll have more of an opportunity to get to know your fellow like-minded passengers and the helpful crew members in a more laid back setting. Also, unlike some ocean cruises where the seas can get rough, rivers offer a smoother sailing journey, so there’s a much smaller chance of travel sickness – plus you can usually always see land with the banks of the river, which often offers something interesting to see as you sail.

7. No stress

Image of a river cruise ship sailing down the river
River cruises holidays are usually packaged tours, so there’s no extra organising needed. Holidays normally include return flights, guided transfers, and full-board accommodation aboard your vessels; allowing you more time to experience the sights, relax and enjoy your river cruise escape. There are also often city tours included in the holiday too, so check where you’ll be able to visit as part of the price.
Essentially a river cruise holiday is a wonderful way to visit multiple destinations and get a taste of some of Europe’s and the world’s most beautiful capital cities and stunning scenery. So why not tick off some of those items on your dream travel list? It’s a wonderful, stress-free way of seeing more of the world in style and comfort. 
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