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How a guided tour can offer more

How a guided tour can offer more
Let us guide you on a holiday you’ll never forget!
Visiting new places, seeing new cultures, meeting new people, trying new things…. it’s always exciting dreaming of your next travel experience. If you have a bucket list of destinations you have always wanted to visit, make your travel dreams a reality and start planning your holiday with Travel Department.
With over 25 years – and counting - of experience curating dream holidays worldwide, they know the best spots and have expert local guides to talk you through every aspect, hidden gem, and cultural experience.
Plus, everything is included from flights, accommodation, transfers, and guided excursions, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy! Need more convincing? Here are some top reasons why you should consider a fully guided holiday.
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1. See incredible destinations

Leave the planning to the experts. They know destinations inside out, so you can be sure to have the best holiday itinerary possible and see the main highlights wherever you travel. You may want to experience the unseen beauty of a classic destination such as Italy or uncover more unusual places like Slovenia and the Gulf of Trieste, or the ancient sites in Turkey or Greece.
Perhaps you’d prefer a river cruise down some of the most iconic rivers in Europe and beyond, docking at exciting places along the way. Or maybe more far-flung destinations; exotic India, Vietnam or South Africa. Wherever you travel, on a Travel Department fully guided holiday you’ll have everything planned for you - ideal for anyone looking for stress-free experience especially in places where the culture or language may be unfamiliar.

2. Enjoy authentic experiences

Guided tours can also give you a more authentic travel experience. Travel Department have spent years perfecting their itineraries with tried and tested research so you can trust them to put together a highly enjoyable schedule. Their local, expert guides have a huge wealth of local knowledge to give you the best and most authentic insider information.
You can also travel with peace of mind, knowing that every hotel, bar and restaurant has been inspected and the area you’re staying checked. With each trip created carefully around the diverse needs of different travellers, Travel Department’s guided tours offer the very best of each destination, ensuring you don’t waste a moment.
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3. Be guided by the locals

A knowledgeable and helpful guides can make your holiday even better. Accompanying you throughout your holiday, they will be on hand to offer useful tips and insights into your chosen destination. They bring a sense of authenticity which you won’t find in any guidebook, allowing you to really get under the skin of the place. Through sharing hidden treasures, wonderful facts that only locals know, recommending the best restaurants, and introduce you to the most interesting local characters means you won’t just come away from your trip with just a few touristy snaps on your phone. Instead, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the destination.

4. Enjoy stress-free travel

With a guided tour, you can step out of your comfort zone and embark on an adventure knowing you’re in safe hands. Travel Department take care of everything from the start to the end of your holiday, so there’s no hassle or stress. Simply board your flight and one of their guides will be there to meet you on arrival at your destination.
They’ll also make sure every transfer and hotel check-in goes through without a glitch. And if something does go wrong during your holiday, they’ll be on hand to help.

5. A great value holiday and experience

Flights, accommodation, transfers, guided excursions and often meals are all included in the main price of Travel Department tours, meaning you can budget more effectively during your holiday.
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6. It’s all about you

A guided tour isn’t all about sticking to a schedule. Travel Department trips also come with plenty of free time, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your own time too; sipping coffee at a pavement café, exploring winding city back streets or unearthing historical sights. There’s also often extra time before or after the tour, for you to linger longer or move on and adventure more.

7. Meet fellow travellers

It’s often the people you meet on holiday that are the highlight of the entire trip and on a guided tour, you’ll have amazing memories of the shared experiences you had together. If you’re a solo traveller, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. The holiday mood is upbeat and friendly making for a fun, inclusive group where everyone feels welcome.
Sometimes fellow travellers get along so well that they even arrange to meet up after the trip or go on another Travel Department holiday!
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Offers are non-transferable, subject to availability, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and have no cash value. All deposits are non-refundable.
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About Travel Department:

Travel Department are experts in guided group travel, with nearly 30 years’ experience crafting beautifully curated, inspirational itineraries to worldwide destinations. Their escorted tours include flights, accommodation, transfers and guided excursions to 100s of exciting destinations with each itinerary offering a combination of included excursions, led by knowledgeable guides, plus free days with the opportunity to explore at one’s own pace – the best of both worlds.
They have dedicated Solo Travel holidays and offer a wide range of guided group holidays from City Breaks to adventure holidays (Walking, Yoga and Photography holidays).
In Scotland, Travel Department guided group holidays depart from Edinburgh and Glasgow. In Northern Ireland they fly from Belfast and Dublin (in GBP) and for guests from the South of England they offer the convenience of flights from London Gatwick and Heathrow.
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