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5 Best vegetarian restaurants to try in Gdańsk, Poland

5 Best vegetarian restaurants to try in Gdańsk, Poland
Travelling as a vegetarian can be daunting, particularly in parts of the world that are known for meaty food! Here are some tips for vegetarians travelling to Gdańsk, Poland
Sitting comfortably on Poland’s Baltic coast, Gdańsk is a historic city known best for being the birthplace of the Solidarity trade union which sparked the fall of communist rule in Poland. It’s less known for its vegetarian food options—but it has plenty!
Food is an essential part of travelling and getting to know other cultures. For many travellers, eating at local restaurants is as important as visiting museums and finding the best viewpoints. However, this can get a little tricky if you don’t eat meat, particularly if the country you’re visiting has a traditionally meaty cuisine. 
Polish pierogi with fruit and cream
Poland is known for food that is rich in meat, from bigos to kielbasa. But, as in many countries across the world, recent years have seen a rise in plant-based living. If you're a vegetarian traveller in Gdańsk looking for some meat-free options, make sure to pay these places a visit!

Pierogarnia Mandu

A trip to Gdańsk would be incomplete without pierogi (dumplings containing either savoury or sweet fillings). They're the ultimate Polish comfort food! Piorogarnia refers to a restaurant that specialises in pierogi, and that’s pretty much the only thing on the menu at Pierogarnia Mandu—but don’t make the mistake of thinking that means there isn’t much to choose from!
In fact, there’s a huge range of options including vegetarian, vegan and meat, so there is something for everyone. You’ll also get to watch the pierogi being made in full view of the restaurant.
"Pierogi are the ultimate Polish comfort food"
Opt for traditional boiled dumplings and get 10 pieces for 27–36 PLN. Fillings including cabbage with braised mushrooms topped with white onion and the less traditional chopped spinach, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese finished with dor blue cheese sauce. For dessert, you can have sweet dumplings filled with blueberries or the more modern chocolate dumplings with Oreo.
Pierogarnia Mandu has two restaurants in Gdańsk: one near the Old Town and one a little further out in Oliwa. It’s worth booking in advance as they’re both very popular, but if you do find yourself at the back of the queue, rest assured it’s worth the wait!

Manna 68

Also in the Old Town is Manna 68, an exclusively vegan restaurant with plenty of gluten-free options besides. The menu is varied, including a red kidney bean and mushroom burger, sweet and sour seitan “duck”, and cauliflower steak. If you want something a little more traditional, opt for the Polish beet cold soup. 
You can also choose from a range of vegan organic wines and craft beers. Desserts include brownies, pannacotta and cheesecake—all vegan, of course.
Its central location makes it a perfect pit stop after a day of exploring the cobbled streets of the Old Town. That does also mean that it’s a little pricier, with mains costing around 40 PLN, but for quality food, friendly service and a cosy atmosphere, it’s worth it.

Łąka Bar

If you want to get away from the Old Town, Łąka Bar might take your fancy. About a ten-minute walk away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre, Łąka Bar is an old industrial building turned eatery with a menu that takes inspiration from Asian cuisine.
"The bright green “Water From The Lake” tastes better than it sounds"
The menu is seasonal and varied, and the portions are both generous and reasonably priced. Many of the dishes come in both vegan and meat varieties, so this is another restaurant that is well-suited to a mixed crowd. 
There are also a range of creative cocktails to choose from, including the bright green “Water From The Lake”, which tastes better than it sounds! 

Avocado Vegan Bistro

Further still from the Old Town, tucked away in one of Gdańsk’s prettiest streets (Wajdeloty in Wrzeszcz), you’ll find Avocado Vegan Bistro. It is a small, cosy cafe with a menu that includes classics like dumplings and croquettes as well as daily specials. 
It can get pretty busy, so you may have to opt for takeaway rather than eating in, but the food is fresh, tasty and generously portioned. There is also a great selection of vegan cakes and desserts to choose from, so it’s worth a visit even if you’ve already eaten. 
The chocolate tofu cake is a particular crowd-pleaser! 


Also in Wrzeszcz is Zakwasownia, a vegan organic restaurant. The menu is not huge, but you can expect quality rather than quantity with dishes including pierogi, risotto and a vegetable medley. There is also a range of starters to choose from, including a (vegan!) cheeseboard
"The menu is not huge, but you can expect quality rather than quantity"
There is a lot of attention to detail in the way that dishes are plated, creating a dining experience that feels a little fancy—perfect for a date night or special occasion. There is also a children’s menu, so it’s family friendly, too. 
Tucked onto the side of restaurant itself is an organic shop where you can buy various plant-based jams, pickles and more to take home with you!
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