5 European cities with the most beautiful homes

BY Alan Boswell

26th Oct 2023 Travel

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5 European cities with the most beautiful homes
Enchanting European cities, ranging from Lisbon's pastel-coloured houses to Barcelona's gothic-style apartments, are brimming with charm, leaving us curious about which city truly claims the title of having the most beautiful homes
With over 1 billion visitors exploring Europe annually, Alan Boswell was intrigued to reveal the European cities with the most beautiful homes, according to Pinterest, looking at cities with the most boards and pins across Europe.

1. London: an exquisite mix of English Baroque and Sleek Modern

London comes out on top as the European city with the most exquisite homes, with a home aesthetic score of 9.87/10. A staggering 84,830 pins were reported in the capital of the UK, nearly three times as much as the next most pinned city. Additionally, there are 689 boards devoted to the city.
"From the English Baroque structures to the sleek modern stylings of today, there is something for everyone"
From the English Baroque structures that emerged around London after the Great Fire to the sleek modern stylings of today's new constructions, there is something for everyone in the city.

2. Paris: classical, modern and fashionable Haussmann style

Paris, the city of lights, comes in second on our list. The city that gave birth to Kylian Mbappe, Jean-Luc Godard, and Coco Chanel has racked up 30,585 pins and 363 boards, scoring a 9.66/10 overall rating for home aesthetics. Paris is one of the most adored cities by tourists and photographers alike due to its classical cream buildings broken up by small buildings.
Paris' interiors are also impressive. Paris features some of the sleekest, most fashionable residences on the continent, thanks to its wide double windows and their blending of traditional and modern forms.

3. Berlin: Jugendstil—German Art Nouveau

In third place is the German capital. Berlin’s homes have attracted 29,967 pins, along with 449 boards, giving it an aesthetic home score of 9.65/10. The city's architecture blends historical grandeur with modern innovation, offering a captivating mix of elegant art nouveau facades and cutting-edge contemporary designs.
"A captivating mix of elegant art nouveau facades and cutting-edge contemporary designs"
The city's homes are a visual delight, showcasing a harmonious juxtaposition of old and new, creating a charming and unique atmosphere that captures the essence of Berlin's rich history and progressive spirit.

4. Amsterdam: stylish Dutch Baroque

Ranking fourth is Amsterdam in the Netherlands with 26,961 pins and 363 boards, scoring an impressive 9.47/10. Unique, creative and historic, the Dutch capital is heavily influenced by its culture and is a destination that must be visited by every architecture lover.
The style was practical, reflecting the Dutch Republic's focus on trade and commerce, but it also had an understated elegance and a sense of civic pride. 

5. Naples: a wealth of history through Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque styles

Closing the top five is Naples with a score of 9.34/10, boasting an impressive 23,639 pins and 309 boards. Naples' architectural heritage is a reflection of its complex history, influenced by various rulers, from the Normans and Angevins to the Aragonese and Bourbons.
"Naples' architectural heritage is a reflection of its complex history, influenced by various rulers"
Its historic centre has been recognised as a Unesco World Heritage Site, further highlighting its architectural and historical significance.
Banner photo: Victorian terrace houses in Notting Hill, London. Credit: Sebastien Mercier
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