4 Apps that will help you learn new skills


12th Jun 2019 Technology

4 Apps that will help you learn new skills

study by the Institute for Employment Studies found that older learners reported higher life enjoyment and greater confidence. The following apps will help you to learn something new…

1. Quizlet

Best for: Boosting your knowledge and brushing up your skills


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Whether you're brushing up on a language, gardening knowledge and cooking techniques, or getting to grips with your favourite literature classics, the online learning platform, Quizlet, gives you access to over 300 million different study sets on almost any subject you can imagine—for free.

Learning a new skill has brain health benefits, as research shows learning encourages the release of dopamine that increases the growth of neurons, which helps to boost your motivation and ability to retain information. In addition, cognitive training, whether in-person or online, offers the potential for dementia prevention as we get older, according to a recent study.

Whether you are learning a skill yourself or helping your child or grandchild revise their school work, Quizlet is a great study platform for mastering any subject.


2. Babbel

Best for: Learning a new language


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As well as being a great skill to show off on holiday, learning a new language can have profound effects on the way you approach problem-solving and might even give you a leg-up in your career.

With classes designed to be 10-15 minutes long, Babbel encourages learning in short, yet achievable, bursts. So this summer, whether you’re on the beach soaking up some sun, or simply relaxing at home, why not give language learning a try?

Not only does speaking a little of the local lingo give you a great sense of accomplishment, studying a language sparks a fantastic sense of wanderlust, too. 


3. Blinkist

Best for: Bite-sized book learning


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Blinkist is the perfect app to assist you this summer, providing the key highlights from non-fiction books in both audio and text form.

Whether you want to start a new business, improve your management skills, or achieve a better work/life balance, micro-learning app Blinkist takes key ideas from non-fiction texts and condenses them into easy-to-consume 15-minute digests.


4. Remente

Best for: Improving mental wellbeing


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Stress is something that most of us face on a daily basis—be it at work or at home—and continual worry and stress can be harmful to our health.

Today, there are tools that can help you, like the mental health app Remente. Whether the aim is to improve mental wellbeing, mindfulness, stress management or personal or professional relationships, Remente guides a user through every step in order to make their goals a reality. It does this through breaking down your overall aim into daily goals, making large tasks, manageable and keeping you on track.


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