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10 Best cordless vacuums for using around the home

BY Joshua Joda

12th Jul 2023 Home & Garden

4 min read

10 Best cordless vacuums for using around the home
A superb selection of the finest cordless vacuum options available on the market today
Keeping a clean and tidy home is an essential part of everyday life for millions of people worldwide and one way we can achieve this is with the invaluable vacuum cleaner. Technology has evolved in the last few decades in home cleaning, to the point where robot vacuums exist and a lot of vacuums function just as well and more flexibly without cords.
Here's a list of some of the best cordless vacuums on the market currently.

Shark anti-hair wrap vacuum

Shark anti hair wrap
This shark cordless vacuum has a runtime of 40 minutes, with a flexible hose that’s ideal for reaching under tables and chairs. It also has an anti-allergen seal, designed to capture 99.9 per cent of dust and allergens, to give you a cleaner home.
It can also be turned into a handheld vacuum for cleaning smaller spaces like couches and stairs.
Runtime – 40 minutes
Voltage – 25.2
Weight – 5.1kg

Vax Blade 4 vacuum

Vax blade
This upright vacuum has a brushless motor, with consistent and direct suction, it also has dust-tracking LED headlights, letting you see where you clean more clearly.
It functions with a higher voltage than other cordless vacuums, to provide it with more power for more effective cleaning, even with a low battery.
Runtime - 45 minutes
Voltage - 230
Weight – 3.1kg

Enigma V12

Enigma V12
The Enigma V12 vacuum has a lithium battery and brushless motor, leaving it it lightweight and mobile but with it still having strong suction force. It also features an electric spinning head with an LED light for higlighting dust.
Runtime - 25 minutes, (50 minutes in economy mode)
Voltage – 30
Weight – 2.2kg

Russell Hobbs RHSV221 vacuum

Russel Hobbs RHSV2211
The Russel Hobbs RHSV221 looks like a more traditional vacuum cleaner, with a larger body that isn’t as segmented.
You can get up to an hour of runtime on one charge, which is ideal for cleaning all around the house in one use. It’s suitable to use on all types of surfaces, comes with a crevice-and brush tool and can also be used as a handheld vacuum.
Runtime – 1 hour
Voltage - 22
Weight – 3kg

Dyson V8 Animal

Dyson V8 animal
Lightweight but powerful and efficient, Dyson’s cordless vacuum range is popular for a reason. They come at a premium but that’s partly because of their standout features, like the motor bar cleaner head that automatically de-tangles hair from the brush as it cleans.
Dyson’s filtration system captures 99 per cent of dust, dirt and other microscopic particles when it’s in use.
Runtime – 45 minutes
Voltage – 21.6 volts
Weight – 2kg

Laresar vacuum

Laresar vacuum
The Laresar vacuum is a good choice for cleaning on multiple different surfaces, including hardwood floor and carpet. It can run for up to 50 minutes on a single charge and is useful for reaching hard-to-reach places with its long cylinder.
Runtime - 50 minutes
Voltage – 25.9
Weight – 3.9kg

Hoover H-FREE 500

Hoover H-free 500
This ultra lightweight vacuum is an Amazon exclusive, featuring a relatively long runtime of 80 minutes in auto mode and 50 minutes in standard mode, with a fast-charging time of around two and a half hours.
It’s suitable to use on all surfaces and can get to out-of-reach areas with its nozzle, which can both be positioned flat and turned 180 degrees.
Runtime – 80 minutes
Voltage – 22 volts
Weight – 2.2kg

Greenote cordless vacuum cleaner

Greennote cordless vacuum
With 50 minutes of runtime and 400w of suction, this vacuum is great for effective cleaning around the house and picking up even the most stubborn dirt. It has an LED touch display by the handle, showing battery life, potential blockage alerts and suction power.
The vacuum has a large one and a half litre dust container and three adjustable modes for picking up pet hair, pet food and other dirt around the house.
Runtime – 50 minutes
Voltage – 25.9 volts
Weight – 3.9kg

Shark CH950UKT vacuum

Shark CH950UK
The Shark CH950 is more of a portable, handheld vacuum, more suited for cleaning couches, chairs and hard-to-reach places. It comes with an internal washable HEPA filter for catching dust and allergens, as well three extra attachments—a pet tool, a dusting brush and crevice tool.
Runtime - 10 minutes
Voltage – 10.8
Weight – 1.2kg


Vytronix NIBC22
The Vytronix NIBC22 is an upright, three-in-one vacuum that’s lightweight and has a long-reaching head for cleaning under beds and couches. You can charge it fully in three to four hours for a runtime of 45 minutes, with an included high power mode for more thorough cleaning.
Runtime – 45 minutes
Voltage – 22.2
Weight – 2.3kg
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