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10 Useful tower fans to cool you down in summer

BY Joshua Joda

21st Jun 2023 Home & Garden

4 min read

10 Useful tower fans to cool you down in summer
As we move into summer and the temperature continues to creep up, here are some helpful fans to keep you cool, calm and collected
With Britain already in the throes of a summer heatwave, people up and down the country will be looking to ways to effectively cool down—whether that’s getting down to the beach or having ice cold drinks while sitting in front a powerful fan for most of the day and trying not to move too much.
If an effective fan is what you’re after, then you’re in good hands as any of these tower fans will do a great job of cooling you down.

ANSIO tower fan

Ansio tower fan
Falling comfortably under £100, this 30-inch oscillating tower fan comes with three speeds for quick and effective cooling in a room.
It has a 60-degree angle for oscillating and runs on 45 watts, coming in three different colours and a separate, larger 36-inch model.

Dreo tower fan

Dreo tower fan
With more of a sleek design to it, this tower fan is great for quietly (at just 34dB), providing cool air with a bladeless fan. It also has four fan speeds so you can adjust it depending on how hot you’re feeling.
The fan can also be easily disassembled for quick cleaning and dusting, with on fan controls and a separate remote control included.

NETTA tower fan

Netta tower fan
Netta offers a sleek and modern take on the traditional tower fan with this model, with a front-facing display tracking temperature, fan speed and fan mode. It also has 65-degree oscillation and a built-in timer.
Also, unlike most tower fans running by way of a mains power cable, this model is free standing and battery-powered.

Pro Breeze tower fan

Pro Breeze fan
This tower fan comes in at a notable 40 inches, a bit larger than your average tower fan, using 45W of power, three speeds and four different fan modes.
It comes with a 15-hour built-in timer for long and effective use, with a useful night mode to use less energy overnight and reduce noise levels.

Dyson Purifier fan

Dyson purifier cool react
Dyson fans combine effective cooling with bladeless fans and sensors that allow them to be capable of capturing dust and allergens while they provide cool airflow. The purifier fan comes with carbon filtration and a HEPA H13 filter for capturing gases and pollutants, to provide you with cleaner and more breathable air.
It can oscillate up to 350 degrees and it comes with a remote for quick and easy control.

VonHaus tower fan

VonHaus tower fan
This energy-saving tower fan comes with a built-in timer to help you save money by switching off after certain periods of use. It features a quieter night mode for getting a good night of rest with the fan in use, as well as a handy remote for controlling all of its key functions.

Acoolir tower fan

Acoolir tower fan
With a bladeless and hollow arch design like Dyson’s fans, this fan can similarly provide effective cooling, with eight speeds and enough oscillation to cover a standard size room.
It’s also safe for pets and toddlers to be around, with no exposed moving parts. It runs on a nine-hour timer and an auto-off feature for its LED light, allowing you to get a good night’s rest.

Levoit tower fan

Levoit tower fan
Despite standing at 36 inches, this fan operates at a relatively quiet 28dB, so it won’t make too much noise when it’s on. It’s bladeless and comes with five fan speeds as opposed to the standard three speeds for most tower fans.
It features 90-degree oscillation for effective room coverage and quick set up with no tools required. It also has a washable back cover that can be removed, allowing you to clean the inside of the fan.

BLACK+DECKER mini tower fan

Black+Decker mini tower fan
Small but effective, this Black + Decker mini tower fan is a great choice for a bedroom or the office and with two speed settings, it’s still whisper quiet.
You can adjust the fan speed, mode and oscillation with the dial on top of the fan itself and it comes with an automatic 70-degree oscillation.

PureMate tower fan

Puremate tower fan
This PureMate fan features much of the same functionality of your standard tower fan, with different fan speeds, cooling modes and oscillation. It also runs with low power consumption, saving you on energy costs if you plan to have it run all day.
A unique feature is its essential oils tray, allowing you to diffuse fresh aromas into rooms with its airflow. It’s a solid choice to cool down a bedroom, living room or office.
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