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Indoor gardening: Signs of spring flowers

Indoor gardening: Signs of spring flowers

Vibrant, colourful flowers can bring spring right into your home. Here are our tips for the best spring flowers to pick

The fresh, vibrant colours of early flowering plants—such as bulbs, or camellias and primroses—bring the promise of spring right into your home. Enhance their effect by choosing a variety of pots.


Potted camellias can be brought indoors, where their flowers will be unmarked by frost, rain and wind.

Their showy blooms will brighten a cool but well-lit spot. When they have finished flowering, put them back outdoors.

Low-growing tulips 


Tulips bought in bud can be arranged with two-toned primroses (Primula vulgaris) to create an unmissable splash of colour.

"Tulips bought in bud can create an unmissable splash of colour"

The individual plant pots can simply be placed in the outer container, or plant them in the outer pot on a layer of pebbles, for drainage.


Cheerful daffodils never fail to raise the spirits. These Narcissus "Tête-à-tête" are arranged in complementary containers for single bulbs and groups. Display the plants in a bright yet cool position.



The pretty blue blooms of grape hyacinth (Muscari) will brighten any room. They can be found in small pots in practically every garden centre in early spring. 

Crocus and Iris reticulata

Crocus and Iris reticulata can be "forced" to produce their flowers earlier than usual. During autumn, simply plant the corms or bulbs in bulb fibre, in pots with drainage holes. Stand the pots outside until the shoots develop, then bring them indoors to flower.

Kaffir lily

Kaffir lily

When the kaffir lily (Clivia miniata) sends up its flowering stems, that is the signal to start watering the plant freely. It will then produce these impressive orange flowers. For the rest of the year, it should be watered only sparingly.

Easter cactus

The easter cactus (Hatiora gaertneri) hails from the forests of Brazil, which explains the plant’s liking for high humidity. For a dramatic display of exotic pink flowers, use cactus compost and keep the plant in bright filtered light.

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