How to grow strawberries in pots

You can’t beat an English strawberry. Here’s some advice for growing your own.


A gardener’s advice
  • The best way to start growing strawberries is to buy pot-grown strawberry plants in spring: 5 plants are plenty for a hanging basket and 10 for the average 13 inch-sized pot. 
  • Plant them immediately in soil-based compost and they will produce a modest crop in their first year. The second year should see a bumper crop, followed by a slightly lower yield the third summer. Then start again with fresh stock.
  • Careful watering and feeding are essential. If you are to reap a good crop, you must never let the compost dry out, particularly when the fruit is forming and ripening; if you do, the bulk of your crop will drop off the bush almost immediately. 
  • Water well then leave the pots for up to 3 weeks, until they reach the point of drying out. Be careful not to over water them during the winter months.