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7 Useful gardening sets and tools for garden maintenance


21st Apr 2023 Home & Garden

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7 Useful gardening sets and tools for garden maintenance
If you're interested in keeping up a healthy, organised garden, then these gardening tools should be of use to you
As we’re now in spring and looking ahead to even warmer summer weather to come, it makes sense that people will be outside more and probably tending to their garden as well. Naturally, gardening takes work and consistency to maintain wonderfully trimmed and pristine looking hedges and plants throughout most of the year.
But managing a reasonably sized garden can be relatively labour intensive—so, if you often find yourself in need of a tool for a trim, planting or uprooting, these gardening tools will be just what you’re looking for.

Japanese weed remover

Japanese hand hoe weed remover
Weeds can be one of the biggest nuisances in a garden and can spoil the aesthetic that you are aiming for, why it’s important to remove them consistently.
This tool is sturdy and great for getting in-between plants to root out weeds, with a design made to relieve strain on the wrist and fit in your hand more naturally.

Pruning gardening set

Davaon 3 pieces gardening set
Maintaining overgrowth in the garden is important as plants can relatively quickly take over a hedge or wall if left untouched for long enough. This set comes with 3 pruning tools, a bypass pruner, an anvil pruner and a pruning saw, for dealing with different types of plants.
The tools are lightweight but strong enough to cut through plant stems, plants and even branches. The pruning tools are made out of carbon steel with anti-slip handles for convenient use.

Three-piece gardening set

Stainless steel  3 piece - gardening tools
Garden maintenance goes a long way and naturally, keeping up a pristine and organised outdoor space will require the use of several different tools.
Handily, this set comes with a hand trowel, a transplant trowel, and a cultivator hand rake—useful for things like digging, planting seeds, and raking soil respectively. All the tools come with a soft grip handle and have holes in the bottom for easy storage when not in use. Making for a great gift for gardening enthusiasts, or yourself if you want to keep your garden looking neat.

Hozelock multi-spray watering gun

Hozelock multi-spray gun
A well-kept garden can’t function without a reasonable amount of water, and this is where watering guns come in. This device comes with a multi-spray function for five different types of sprays, as well as a hose-end connector.
The water gun itself is easy to use and durable as it’s made from a high-quality material, with easy connectivity to make it a convenient and no-frills gardening tool.

Garden scissors

Garden scissors
A good pair of garden scissors can prove hugely useful in day-to-day plant and garden management tasks, from snipping vines to overgrown plants or hedges. This pair of scissors is made of stainless steel and is handily rust resistant, with light weight and ergonomically shaped handles, allowing them to be used comfortably.

Telescopic garden hoe

Telescopic hoe
This garden hoe is multi-use and handy for several different tasks around the garden including farming, ditching and cultivating. This telescopic gardening tool can also extend with a variable length of 87-136cm. It also has a lightweight aluminium handle and a double-ended screwdriver attached to it, for quick assembly of the hoe blade.

Half-moon lawn edger

Lawn edging tool
Lawn-edging tools are perfect for creating borders and keeping lawn edges neat and tidy, as well as being useful for marking out flower beds. The edger gardening tool itself is easy to use, with a 96cm long handle which will save you laborious amounts of bending over when working.
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