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10 Great Charcoal barbecues for 2024

BY Joshua Joda

5th Jul 2023 Home & Garden

5 min read

10 Great Charcoal barbecues for 2024
Here are a few great barbecues for cooking up a delicious feast this summer
With hot weather comes the desire to relax outside with friends and family, often with a cold drink in hand and most likely some hot food too—meaning barbecue season is well and truly here. There are different types of grills that will cook food a bit differently, depending on what you’re used to and how you cook.
However, people may opt for the traditional charcoal grill, which will take a bit longer to cook with but usually provide a better, more smoky flavour for the food. If you’re after this type of grill, here are some great options.

Tepro Grill station barbecue

Tepro Grill station
This is a medium sized grill station which comes with a closeable top cover and top rack for storing extra food. It also has an attached side table which you can use to put drinks or fully cooked food on top of.
The grill comes as a standalone unit, but you can also get it with either a beige or black cover to protect it from dust, insects and the elements when not in use.

Landmann smoker grill

Landmann grill
The Landmann grill has a cylindrical shape and is made of durable alloy steel, with a main grill area, a top shelf grill and an additional side compartment for cooking extra food.
Also featured are two wheels on the bottom of the griller’s body, to help move it around.

George Foreman portable grill

George Foreman portable grill
Possibly the best-known name in grilling, George Foreman grills are known for their durability and being made to a high-standard.
With a 45cm cooking area, this kettle grill is a smaller size barbecue but will still get the job done using the higher temperatures you can get with charcoal grills. The grill itself is dust resistant, has two wheels for moving it around and is small enough to be conveniently stored away when not in use.

BillyOh outdoor grill

BillyOh outdoor grill
This grill functionally is like other outdoor grills, with a main section and cover with a handle—in addition to this, it comes with two foldable side tables for holding extra meat, sauces or vegetables.
It also has a height adjustment handle for the main grill itself, along with a built-in thermometer for measuring the temperature of the grill in real-time, which is handy for keeping an eye on things.

CosmoGrill outdoor smoker grill

CosmoGrill outdoor smoker
The CosmoGrill looks a bit like a portable pizza oven, but you can be assured that it’s a barbecue. It’s made with heat-resistant paint to help with longevity and repeated use, foldable side tables and a chimney on top for containing or releasing smoke for grilling purposes.
The grill also has a bottom shelf for extra storage for things like tongs or pokers, with an external bottle opener around the middle of the grill. With several features, the CosmoGrill feels like the Swiss army knife of grills, with utilities for different purposes but ultimately fulfilling its core purpose of being a good food grill.

Tangzon cast iron grill

Tangzon cast iron grill
An open-air and smaller, portable option, this grill is perfect for cooking outdoors at a get together—great for camping, a party or a picnic. Made from sturdy cast iron, it features a 32cm by 22cm grilling net and with a detachable grill and grates it can easily be cleaned, packed up and put away after use.

Tower Ignite duo grill

Tower Ignite duo
The Tower Ignite duo has XL capacity, which is ideal for getting an extra amount of food cooking all at once, it also comes with an air vent for venting smoke and managing temperature as you cook.
It also comes with a temperature gauge for monitoring the temperature of the food being cooked and an adjustable grill, allowing you to raise or lower the grill itself to adjust the smoky flavour.

Relaxdays cast iron grill

Relaxdays cast iron grill
This portable grill is a great choice for taking a barbecue out and about—with a body made from cast iron for quick and effective cooking, plus wooden handles to avoid burns.
It also comes with an adjustable grill rack for adjusting the level of heat being applied to the food, which is perfect, depending on how well done you want your food.

Landmann tripod charcoal grill

Landmann Tripod grill
The Landmann tripod grill is unassuming and a simple to use grill, with a basin for charcoal and a steel grill suspended above it. While you may not get side tables or a temperature reader, what you do get here is a well-built and firm grill with enough cooking space for a small get together.

Grandma Shark portable grill

Grandma Shark portable grill
Suitable for 5-10 people, this grill stand has a fold-up mechanism, allowing for easy portability and storage, fitting snugly in most car boots.
The grill is made from stainless steel but to alleviate any potential worries, it has anti-scalding handles, made to avoid unwanted burns when touching or moving the grill.
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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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