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10 Hairdryers for a salon style look at home

10 Hairdryers for a salon style look at home

Want to achieve salon standards from the comfort of your own bedroom? Here are our top ten hairdryers so that you can have that fresh hair feeling whenever you like

The only thing better than freshly washed sheets might just be freshly washed hair. The feeling of silky smooth strands exudes self-care, and a brillaint new blow-out can be the height of sophistication. To achieve those luscious locks yourself, here are our top ten hairdryers to achieve that salon style at home. 

1. Dyson Supersonic hairdryer 

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Credit: Dyson 

We had to include this one in our list not just on terms of merit but also on impressive innovation. The most awarded hairdryer to date, the Dyson Supersonic uses intelligent heat control to dry your hair quickly without damaging it with extreme heat. It's also available in six colours and comes with five different attachments. 

2. Shark Style iQ Ionic hairdryer 

shark style iq ionic hairdryer Credit: Shark Beauty 

You'll have your hair dry almost by the time it takes you to say its name with this ionised air, high-velocity heated hairdryer designed by Shark Beauty. Complete with two intelligent stylers within one product, auto-adjusting heat and airflow settings, this might be the closest you'll get to a salon without spending hours in the hot seat. 

3. Zuvi halo hairdryer 

Zuvi Halo hair dryer Credit: Zuvilife.com

An award-winning hairdryer that combines infrared light and high-speed air with a cooler temperature to say "bye heat damage, hello healthy hair". Using LightCare technology, the Zuvi halo dries the surface of your hair while protecting the moisture within the shaft, guaranteeing shinier, smoothier strands, which can retain colour for longer. 

4. Cloud Nine The Airshot hairdryer 

Cloud Nine The Airshot hairdryer Credit: Cloud Nine 

The inventors of award-winning straighteners have proved that they know how to handle hair once again with The Airshot hairdryer. With anti-static technology, you can trade in frizz and flyaways for smoothness and style. The cool-shot button means you can secure your hair style in place, and signature healing minerals tourmaline and sericite help lock in moisture and seal the cuticle to protect your hair's natural shine. 

5. Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer 

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer Credit: Panasonic Store via Amazon 

Slightly more of a budget option without sacrificing quality, the Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer uses nanoe technology to maintain approximately 1,000 times more moisture than a basic hairdryer. The ion technology penetrates deep into the hair to protect both the cuticle and hair shaft, and due to the dual airflow emitted from the quick-dry nozzle, you no longer have to cancel plans to "wash your hair"!

6. Drybar Buttercup blow-dryer 

Drybar buttercup hairdryer Credit: Drybar 

Brighten up your hair care routine with this stunning buttercup yellow hairdryer from drybar. Blow-drying in 20 per cent less than most professional dryers, this hairdryer is surprisingly lightweight and is great for all hair types. 

7. BaByliss PRO Kertain Lustre dryer 

Babyliss PRO Keratin hairdryer in gold Credit: Babyliss Store via Amazon 

Available in a range of metallic shades, this kertain-infused ceramic hairdryer uses ionic conditions to treat your hair to long-lasting smoothness and flawless shine and avoid frizz. It also comes with two slim concetrator nozzles and three heat settings. 

8. GHD Helios hairdryer 

GHD Helios hairdryer Credit: GHD via Amazon 

Born out of innovative research carried out by GHD's leading physicists, engineers and styling professionals, the GHD Helios concentrates a powerful but focused airflow through internal aerodynamics, allowing you to maintain salon standard hair with minimum time and maximum control. The bespoke contoured nozzle also ensures precise styling and increased hair alignment. 

9. Parlux 3800 Eco Ceramic Ionic hairdryer 

Parlux 3800 eco friendly hair dryer Credit: Parlux 

If you want to protect your hair as well as the planet, this powerful yet environmentally friendly hairdryer from Parlux could be the perfect addition to your hair care routine. Not only is it made out of recycled packaging and plastic, but the K-Lamination motor reduces drying time and limits electricity usage. As well as causing less disturbance to the eco system, the hairdryer's inbuilt silencing system means your neighbours will thank you as well. 

10. Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

Harry Josh Pro Tools hairdryer Credit: Harry Josh Pro Tools 

If you truly want salon styling results, look no further than the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000, handmade in France. Making use of lightweight materials in an ergonomic design, this hairdryer includes a dual filtration system to reduce energy consumption by 70 per cent as well as an ion generator switch so you can decide whether you want to achieve the smooth, sleek style or a more voluminous look. 

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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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