6 Steps to the perfectly washed hair

Washing and shampooing are the basics in getting beautiful hair, yet so many of us are getting it wrong without even realising. These 6 steps take you through the process, and I bet you regularly miss out at least three of these steps!

Few people realise that there's a correct way to shampoo. Yet proper shampooing not only improves the look of your hair but also helps to slow down hair loss and promote healthier hair growth. With these 6 steps you will be able to make the most out of your hair, giving it a healthy shine and strengthening its weaknesses.

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Step 1: Brush it

Before you step into the shower, brush your hair from front to back with a stiff boar-bristle brush. This will stimulate the circulation and prevent the build-up of styling products.

Step 2: Wet It

Wet the hair with warm water. (Hot water can strip your hair of protective oils.)

Step 3: Shampoo It 

Apply shampoo at the nape of the neck and shampoo the hairline first, then do the top of your head.

Step 4: Massage It

Massage your entire scalp at least three times to push nutrients into the hair bulb and free your hair follicles of clogging deposits.

Step 5: Rinse It

After rinsing your hair thoroughly, apply conditioner. If you're doing all this outside the shower, wrap a ‘steam towel’ (a wet towel that's been microwaved for 2 minutes) round your head and leave it on for 30 to 60 seconds. The steam allows the conditioner to be absorbed more evenly.

Step 6: Cool It

Finish with a cool-water rinse, which helps to tighten scalp pores, firm hair fibres, reduce limpness and increase sheen.

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