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10 Festive Christmas food and drink gifts

BY Joshua Joda

24th Nov 2023 Christmas

5 min read

10 Festive Christmas food and drink gifts
Christmas is right around the corner, so here are a few fun food and drink items that may make for great gifts
It’s that time of year again, you likely already have Christmas plans in place and may now be arranging gifts to get for your loved ones.
But as we know Christmas won’t feel complete without those compulsory food and drink gifts—from gin, to wine, to traditional hampers. These items are easy to get (and save from having to get more elaborate gifts!), so here are some festive and fun choices to consider.

Hot chocolate gift set

Hot chocolate gift set
A gift set is a staple of Christmas gift giving, combining multiple items into one neat package. This is no different with this set of 12 hot chocolate flavours referencing the 12 days of Christmas, also included are gingerbread men and of course marshmallows to go with the drinks!

Jacobs and KP snack tubs

Jacobs and KP snack tubs
Great for Christmas parties and other gatherings, these cheese and cracker snack tubes are a brilliant choice. They include five different types of crackers from Jacobs and KP to suit a range of tastes.

Gravity drinks spiced orange and cranberry gin

A Gin Christmas snow globe
If you’re really after something with Christmas theming, this spiced gin liqueur in the shape of a snow globe is the choice for you. Combining Christmas and a creative design with a delicious hybrid orange and cranberry drink, it’s a win-win (just handle it with care!).

Scottish afternoon tea hamper

A Scottish afternoon tea hamper
You could say that nothing feels more quintessentially British than afternoon tea. This hamper includes a few favourites including cookies, shortbread biscuits and Edinburgh tea.

Lindt chocolate hamper

A Lindt chocolate hamper
Coming in a red gift box that’s themed for the season, this chocolate hamper is a perfect gift for Christmas. You can keep things straightforward with its array of different Lindt chocolates, from their classic milk chocolate, to mint and orange flavours.

Kids chocolate advent calendar

A set of kids chocolate advent calendars
It’s Christmas so you can spoil the kids a bit, let your kids have a bit of fun this holiday season with these advent calendars. Coming in a pack of four, they can choose from Maltesers, Milky bar, Cadbury and Galaxy chocolates in playful Christmas designs.

Snowdonia cheese and wine hamper

A Snowdonia cheese and wine hamper
Making for a simple yet perfect gift for your friends, this wooden wool-lined hamper includes Snowdonia cheese, a cheeseboard and Three Mills red wine. You can also include a gift message with the hamper for personalisation.

Belgian Christmas biscuit tin

Belgian Christmas biscuit tin
Adorned with a golden embossed design perfectly fitting for the holiday, this biscuit tin is a wonderful gift for Christmas. It comes filled with a range of chocolate biscuits to give everyone a nice treat.

Martin's chocolatier festive collection gift box

A festive chocolate collection
Keeping things traditional is this festive collection chocolate box that features 16 handmade chocolates in various fun Christmas-themed designs. Included inside is a chocolate polar bear, chocolate holly and festive pralines.

Mrs Bridges chutney collection

A chutney collection
With this gift you can choose from four different types of chutney, packed neatly in Mrs Bridges jars. They’re great as an addition to a main dish, as a spread or a dipping sauce for a delicious festive delight.
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