How to boost your immune system this winter

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13th Nov 2020 Wellbeing

How to boost your immune system this winter

Top tips and advice on supplements from GP Dr Wendy Denning

The colder months are here and so is the cold and flu season. The global pandemic has put health high on everyone’s agenda, and it has fuelled the growing attention towards how our individual lifestyles and health can make us more or less susceptible to infections and diseases. There has never been a more important time to make sure you are doing all you can to support your immune system. 

How to boost your immune system this winter

In addition to trying to lead a generally healthy lifestyle, it is also a good idea to turn to supplements to ensure your daily intake of essential vitamins and nutrients is at a level to maintain your health. 

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Not sure how to find the ideal supplement for you? Follow GP Dr Wendy Denning’s advice on what vitamins and nutrients you should incorporate this winter.

Which supplement does Dr Denning recommend? 

Dr Denning says: “If you are looking for a single comprehensive immune boosting  supplement at an affordable price then the new Urgent-C range from Pro-Ven Probiotics is hard to beat.

“Of course, you should also make sure that you are getting adequate sleep, eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, avoiding too much alcohol and sugar and taking some exercise.”

What nutrients and vitamins are vital for our immune system? 

Vitamin C

Extra Vitamin C is a welcome addition to our daily diet in the winter, and for a good reason. “Vitamin C supplementation may prevent us getting a cold and will also shorten the duration and severity of a viral illness so we should be supplementing regularly” advises Dr Denning.

Vitamin D

However, taking one Vitamin C capsule a day might not give the comprehensive immune boosting your body needs during the winter months. Low levels of Vitamin D can also increase the risk of developing several immune-related diseases so Dr Denning strongly recommends supplementing it: “Research shows that those people who are deficient in Vitamin D have a poorer outcome and are more vulnerable to Covid-19 infections so all of us should be taking some Vitamin D throughout this winter.”


“Keeping one's gut flora in optimal shape by taking a good quality probiotic has been shown to reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections” added Dr Denning.


The important role that zinc plays in antiviral immunity is widely documented: “Zinc is essential for the immune system, activating cells responsible for fighting the infection as well as directly slowing viruses spreading by attacking the way that viruses replicate... Make sure your supplement includes zinc-citrate which is a more bioavailable form of zinc” Dr Denning suggests. 


“People with selenium  deficiency have been shown to have a reduced ability to fight viruses and as our diets are often lacking in this vital mineral it is important that we supplement it for optimal immunity.” explains Dr Denning. 

Elderberry extract & beta glucans

Dr Denning also recommends that your supplement includes beta glucans and elderberry extract which “are both powerful immune boosters that are also very effective at reducing the total duration and severity of upper respiratory symptoms.”

What if I can’t incorporate all the foods with these nutrients into my diet? 

You may have enough of some of these nutrients in your diet, but very few people have enough of all of them. TheUrgent-C range from Pro-Ven Probiotics has all these vitamins and minerals in strong doses, in a readily accessible form that your body can use. Plus, it tastes great” says Dr Denning.

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The Urgent-C range consists of three products: Everyday Immune Support (RRP: £14.95) for long-term daily use, and two intensive formulas for short-term use for when you feel an illness coming on or to support recovery when it has already hit - Immune Intensive Night-Time Support and Immune & Energy Intensive Daytime Kickstart (both RRP: £6.99).  With an impressive array of immune-supporting nutrients in each product, the range is unique in combining these with high potency levels of the clinically studied Lab4 friendly probiotic bacteria to provide the best solution for preventing and tackling a range of respiratory conditions.

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