Elevating Life After 50 with Science and Community

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Elevating Life After 50 with Science and Community
Life after 50 can bring its own set of unique challenges, and navigating through them can feel daunting. From age-related health concerns to finding the right activities that lead to the best health outcomes. That's where Goldster comes in – we're not just a health and fitness platform; we're your comprehensive solution to the pain points you may be facing.
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Discover Goldster: We're more than a health & fitness platform; we're a revolutionary movement in personalised health for those over 50. Goldster introduces an innovative health system developed by top UK clinicians, including doctors, psychologists, and led by NHS notable Professor Sir Muir Gray. Our approach is a comprehensive, multi-therapy strategy aimed at active prevention and enhanced rehabilitation for age-related conditions.
Our goal? To empower you with the knowledge and tools for self-care, promoting better health and reducing reliance on unnecessary prescriptions.
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Who is Goldster?

Goldster is where your age doesn't define your potential for wellbeing. We offer a range of online classes tailored for the over 50s, designed to nurture physical, emotional, and cognitive health. Our team of industry-leading experts is at the forefront of a multi-modal approach, ensuring that every aspect of your wellbeing is catered to. Join our community, where living longer doesn't just mean adding years to life, but more life to your years.
Why Goldster is Right for You: Each event and class at Goldster is crafted to offer more than just fitness and wellness. Whether it's Pilates, Tai Chi, or Brain Training, our sessions provide tangible benefits - from enhancing mobility to boosting mental clarity. It's about enriching your life in every aspect, tailored to your needs and abilities.
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Join for free now and receive: 
Simply visit www.goldster.co.uk and enter your details to activate your complimentary membership

How does it work? 

Goldster classes are delivered online using Zoom, meaning you can join from anywhere in the world. Just find the class you want to join and click to participate. Plus no payment details are taken upon registration, and you will not be entered into an automatic subscription, so you can join and enjoy in confidence. 

What do our customers say? 

Goldster has had a very positive impact on my life. It has kept me focused and motivated while exercising. The sessions on emotional wellbeing and meditation have enabled me to become much calmer and less stressed.”​ Norma
"Goldster is a brilliant and affordable one-stop solution to many of the challenges we currently face with the underfunded and overstretched NHS and the often-unaffordable private healthcare sector in the UK.”​ Angi

Meet the experts:

Our classes are hosted by a range of experts who are highly skilled in their fields. Meet them and learn a little more about them below. They look forward to welcoming you! 
Jude Hirscheimer - Pilates
Jude has worked with various clients, including post-operative surgery patients, spinal injuries, brain injuries and people looking to improve their movement and health. 
Tim Harris​ - Fitness
Tim is a Level 3+ Personal Trainer a GP Medical referral with 7 years of experience and expertise in resistance training for longevity. His motto is progress, not perfection. 
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Virginia Walker​ - Yoga
Virgina is an expert in yoga and pelvic floor health with over 50s and a 500-hour Yoga trained teacher and Reiki practitioner. Her classes will bring strength and flow to body and mind.
Hannah Jackson​ - Therapist 
Is a ​Human Givens Psychotherapist specialising in trauma recovery, PTSD, and complex PTSD. She teaches classes and coping tools for emotional health.
Emma Trow - Choir
Emma is a highly experienced lecturer, composer and technical Vocal Expert. She trained as an opera singer at the Royal College of Music. She believes Singing in a choir sparks joy and human connection. 
Isabel Leming​ - Brain Sciences.
Isabel has worked in various clinical roles supporting patients after suffering from stroke or brain injury and teaches about cognitive rehabilitation and enhancement. 
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