Don't put up with cold feet this winter

Partnership Promotion 16 October 2017

Many of us get chilly feet and ankles when we sit for a time. But turning up the heating is not always the solution and, in fact, can often make things worse. We explain why and how the RugBuddy under-rug heater is the perfect solution.

What does feeling cold mean?

When we say we ‘feel cold’, we are experiencing an uncomfortably high rate of heat loss from our bodies. Things that accelerate heat loss include cold floors and draughts. Controlling the rate of heat loss is key to getting warm again.

Why your central heating may be to blame

Wall mounted radiators create strong convection air currents. The air is warm at ceiling level but cools as it circulates the room, causing cold draughts at floor level. These cold draughts drain the warmth from our feet and ankles.

Dark nights, cold nights


How to get warmth where you need it

If this problem sounds familiar, you will be relieved to discover the new BeWarmer “RugBuddy” heater, which tackles this problem feet first!

Simply lay out the RugBuddy at the foot of your chair, cover with a rug, and plug it in. Within 20 minutes you will be enjoying a warm floor that radiates heat gently upwards and keeps you snug.

More about RugBuddy

  • Use on top of tiles, wood, laminate, and carpet
  • Wide range of sizes
  • 'CE Marked'/ 'IEC Approved' quality
  • 30 Day ‘No Quibble’ Guarantee
  • 2 Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee    

Save money

The heater typically costs 5p per hour to run (varies with size) and provides warmth where you need it, under your feet.

You may even find, with a RugBuddy keeping you cosy, that you save money on central heating. The independent Energy Saving Trust calculates you save £80 per year for every degree you turn down the central heating.

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