Does purple toothpaste really whiten your teeth?

BY Abdul Azizi

18th Sep 2023 Health

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Does purple toothpaste really whiten your teeth?
Purple toothpaste is all over TikTok and claims to whiten your teeth instantly. But does it really work? Here, a top dentist weighs in
You may have seen it all over instagram and tiktok, purple toothpaste seems to be the latest craze in the teeth whitening industry; but does it really work? Here, Abdul Azizi, Principal Dentist of Harley Private Dental Clinic reveals everything you need to know about this product.

What is purple toothpaste?

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Purple toothpaste is essentially a toothpaste which has been created to colour correct the teeth, and rather than removing stains and yellowing from the surface of the tooth, it just creates the illusion of a whiter smile.
"The colour is inspired by the same science as purple shampoos"
The colour is inspired by the same science as purple shampoos, where this product is used to remove any yellow or brassy tones from the hair, the purple toothpaste does the same for teeth.

How does it work?

Purple toothpaste uses colour correcting technology, as purple is the direct opposite to yellow on the colour wheel, and so it works to counteract any yellow colouring. It is essentially a water soluble purple dye that is applied directly to your teeth and instantly is able to remove any yellow undertones on the teeth. It has gained a lot of traction due to the instant effects it has.
Many people would argue it is effective due to its instant results we are seeing all over TikTok and other social platforms, however I would not rely on it as a long term solution for teeth whitening and stain removal, as it is only a colour correcting treatment and will not maintain stain free, white teeth long term.

What makes it different from other teeth whitening products?

What makes it different to other toothpastes is that whilst other whitening agents help in the gradual removal of stains from the teeth, purple toothpaste works to colour-correct yellowness rather than actually removing staining.
"Purple toothpaste actually only creates the illusion of an instant whiter smile"
Purple toothpaste actually only creates the illusion of an instant whiter smile using colour correcting technology.

What are the benefits of purple toothpaste?

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Unlike other whitening toothpastes which often take a few uses to see results, purple toothpaste can give instant results and you may notice after just one use that your teeth appear whiter and brighter.  Purple toothpaste can help remove stains caused by food, beverages like coffee and tea, smoking, and other external factors, whilst also being easy to incorporate into your daily oral hygiene routine.
Purple toothpaste also, unlike professional teeth whitening procedures, doesn't require special equipment or dental appointments, making it much more affordable.

How to use purple toothpaste?

You should ensure that you are also using a fluoride toothpaste alongside your purple toothpaste, as these will properly clean your teeth and mouth. Brush your teeth as normal with your usual paste, then follow with the purple toothpaste morning and evening, or as desired until you see the results you want. It should be used alongside regular dental hygiene habits.
"Use it alongside a fluoride toothpaste that will properly clean your teeth"
Be careful not to leave on the teeth too long or use too often. Speak to your dentist if you have concerns over this toothpaste.

Is it safe to use and what would you recommend?

Yes, purple toothpaste is generally considered safe to use daily, provided you use it correctly and adhere to instructions. I would suggest that if you want to try this style of toothpaste, use one which has been created by a reliable dentist approved toothpaste brand. The Colgate Max White Purple reveal toothpaste might be a good starting point.
If you are looking to get a whiter smile, opt for non abrasive dentist approved toothpastes that help to remove any stains from the surface of the tooth whilst also whitening. I would recommend Colgate Optic White or Sensodyne extra whitening toothpaste, especially if you suffer with sensitive teeth and gums.
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