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Five Facts about Bed Bugs


27th Sep 2023 Health Conditions

Five Facts about Bed Bugs

When it comes to domestic pests, bed bugs frequently feature as the most well-known and least liked amongst the public. This is hardly surprising but are you fully aware of the facts?

In Greater London alone, bed bugs pose a huge issue for businesses and residential properties. We thought it a wise decision to help educate you with our five facts about bed bugs – who knows, you may learn something new!

Fact 1: Bed Bugs aren’t just found at home

You would be forgiven for thinking that with a name such as bed bugs, they are mostly found at home. However, this isn’t completely accurate and whilst they do enjoy a homely bed, bed bugs can be found in a variety of places. 

Bed bugs can be found on public transport seats, office furniture, hospitals, schools and universities and cinemas. They are certainly quite mobile and are able to adapt to their new environments relatively quickly.

Fact 2: Bed bugs are tough

Despite their diminutive size, bed bugs are surprisingly tough creatures. Studies have found that bed bugs can survive without a meal for a year, making them particularly tough to deal with. 

In addition to this, bed bugs are capable of surviving in extreme temperature variations. They have been known to survive in temperatures as high as 122 degrees Celsius and as low as freezing, making them exceptionally hardy for their size.

Fact 3: Bed bugs are elusive

Bed bugs are naturally elusive creatures and they prefer to hide away in dark, relatively moist environments. They can be found in bed crevices, behind picture frames, electrical devices and even in plug sockets. 

Fact 4: Bed bugs are methodical

In terms of feeding patterns, bed bugs have a fairly predictable pattern which makes it easier to identify their presence. They tend to feed on the same parts of the body each time they feed. This is mostly the neck, chest, arms and legs. However, in the summer months bites may be found anywhere on the body, as people tend to sleep with less clothing and bed sheets. 

Bites are often found in clusters or rows and when bed bugs feed, they do so for around 5 to 10 minutes until they are fully nourished.

Fact 5: Bed bugs are anaesthetists

Given that bed bugs can bite a human host multiple times without rousing them whilst they sleep, you may wonder why this doesn’t happen. This is due to bed bugs injecting their food sources with a form of anaesthetic. 

Using their saliva to deliver the anaesthetic, bed bugs are able to increase the blood flow around a bite and feed even quicker. 

Bed bug control

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the summer or the winter or if your bed sheets are new or old – bed bugs are a persistent and tricky nuisance to anyone.

If you suspect that you have a bed bugs problem the best option to take is to contact a professional pest control company that will use a variety of methods to eradicate any bed bugs that you may have. 

Pest Control London are one such company that can provide an effective and methodical service which will put a stop to any bed bug infestation.   

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