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7 Useful hearing aids and sound amplifiers


24th Apr 2024 Health Conditions

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7 Useful hearing aids and sound amplifiers
Hearing aids and amplifiers can prove to be an invaluable tool for the hard of hearing in getting by with everyday life
Hearing loss is a natural sign of ageing  in later life but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to being hard of hearing forever. Advancements in technology have made hearing aids more affordable, noise reducing, and easy to operate. There’s also research and trials being done into gene therapy, with the hopes of hearing loss reversal being on offer as a treatment at some point in the future.
However, current amplifiers can come with different frequencies to adapt to noise levels in different environments. Here are a few solid choices if you’re on the lookout for a new pair.
Note: Always consult your GP or doctor over concerns or experiences with hearing loss.

MEDca rechargeable hearing amplifiers

MEDca amplifiers
Made for simple, and out-of-the-box use, these hearing amplifiers offer high fidelity hearing enhancement. This unit has amplifiers that can be charged with a case or individually with a charging cable, depending on your needs.
As well as noise enhancement, they feature noise reduction to reduce ambient noise in environments for optimal hearing. They’re lightweight, with soft silicone earplugs, so won’t be a burden to wear for extended periods. They are designed to be easy to use with no complicated adjustments needed.

Britzgo hearing amplifier

Britzgo amplifier
With a case and a headphone style design, these hearing amplifiers are great for simple and effective use. They work with four hours of charge, have a light weight of (only a few grams) and have an inside strainer to keep your ear canal clean with regular use.

Southlight hearing amplifier

Southlight hearing amplifier
Closely resembling Air Pods, these hearing amplifiers are comfortable and suited for modern living. They come with a fast-charging case and touch controls for you to adjust volume levels as well as turn them on or off when needed.
With no earplugs and being binaural, they’re a great choice for lightweight and convenient amplifiers to use at your leisure.
Note: intended for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Delmicure 702 hearing amplifier

Delmicure 702 amplifier
Small and light, this pair of amplifiers is great for more discreet wearing.
The amplifiers have volume control, a microphone and an on/off switch. Also featured are eight volume levels and four frequency modes, for use in different environments with differing noise levels.
In terms of design, they’re made to fit around the ear and have special angled tubes, colour designated for each ear.
Note: intended mild to moderate hearing loss.

Glorified Mary hearing amplifier

Glorified Mary amplifier
These hearing amplifiers sit behind and around the ear, with adjustable long stems. They’re easy to operate, comfortable to wear all day long and feature four different amplification frequencies.
The device is also noise cancelling and rechargeable, saving you from having to buy new batteries.

Delmicure 1710 hearing amplifier

Delmicure 1710 amplifiers
Coming with an advanced digital chip for modifying frequencies, these amplifiers are great for reducing noise and focusing sound for hearing.
The amplifiers have a micro-USB cable for charging (with up to 40 hours of use). In addition, they have a lightweight and ergonomic design with flexible ear tubes which are connected to their earphones.

Theripal hearing amplifier

Theripal amplifier
Made to be worn behind the ear, this battery-powered amplifier offers a blend of traditional style and modern functionality. The device comes with a USB type-C charging case, a cleaning cloth and a display indicating battery status for the amplifiers.
The amplifiers themselves have volume control, intricately designed ear domes for comfortable wearing, and microphones included.
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