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Jokes about Spain that will tickle your funny bone

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Jokes about Spain that will tickle your funny bone
A list of a few light-hearted jokes about Spain and Spanish culture
  Spain is a country full of vibrancy, lively and social people with a wealth of culture and history, they're also not too foreign to humour and having a laugh. We've put together a few funny jokes about Spain to give you a chuckle.
1. What is a rental car called in Spain?
A Barceloaner
- seen on the internet
2. I've finally worked out why Spain is so good at football.
Nobody expects the Spanish in position
- seen on the internet
3. Why shouldn’t you have pets in Spain?
Because you can’t leave your Catalonia
- seen on the internet
4. Dwayne Johnson wants to move to a peninsula south of Spain.
He wants to be the Rock of Gibraltar
- seen on the internet
5. Why do Spanish cows have the best dance moves?
Because they're experts in the "flamooenco"!
- seen on the internet
Toledo - bearfotos freepik
6. Does sunbathing exist in northern Spain?
Or is it Basqueing?
- seen on the internet
7. Spanish wine is like a fine-tuned guitar
You don't always understand the notes, but you appreciate the melody
- seen on the internet
8. What do they call a small mosque in Spain?
A mosquito
- seen on the internet
Soy milk - Boredpanda
9. Why don't Spanish footballers play hide and seek?
Because good luck hiding when everyone shouts "Ole!" every time they come close
- seen on the internet
10. When I visited Spain, I couldn’t stop admiring the architecture.
It was very Moorish
- seen on the internet
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