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6 Thoughtful cooking gifts to enhance every foodie's kitchen

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6 Thoughtful cooking gifts to enhance every foodie's kitchen
We've compiled some practical cooking gift ideas for someone who loves to cook, from the best air fryers and food blenders to award-winning cookbooks

This super compact Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air Fryer (49.00)

Air fryers are the trending low-fat cooking appliance that lets you achieve the perfect crispy chip, or delicious breaded chicken, with a fraction of the oil used in a deep fat fryer. 
For the uninitiated, this Russell Hobbs air fryer is an ideal compact model, which will slot easily into your kitchen while still managing a perfectly respectable 700g serving. For optimum cooking results, there are seven settings that are specially tailored to foods like fish, steak and chips.
It’s much faster than previous Russell Hobbs models—and the manufacturer claims that you can cook your food 78 per cent more quickly than a conventional stove. That will help you save on energy bills over time too. 
Promising review: I bought the smallest size as my kitchen is tiny and work space limited. Fits well and is fairly quick to heat up. Suitable for one to two people.

This delicious book about cooking, An Everlasting meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace by Tamar Adler (£14.99)

The love of food soars off every page in this lyrical cookbook, written by Vogue’s contributing editor Tamar Adler. Over 20 chapters, Adler delves into both the rudimentary basics of good cooking—which you’ll think you’ve mastered, but probably have not—and the more advanced secrets of making a dish sing. 
More than a recipe book, this is a doting reflection on the philosophy and custom of preparing food with, for instance, a near-sublime reflection on the right way to boil water, serving suggestions for eggs, and instructions on how to end a meal well, so your guests can savour every last lingering bite. 
Promising review: I have so many ideas from this I just don't know where to start. This will not overlap with any cook books you have on the shelf, and more than that it's a brilliant read about culture, feelings, and how food can make you and your friends have a great time sitting, talking, and eating.
You don't need pictures. Tamar Adler builds the images so beautifully, pictures would break the spell and spoil it.

This powerful smoothie maker, the Ninja Foodi Power 2-in-1 Nutri Blender (£79)

The NutriBullet may have reigned supreme for years as the choice smoothie maker, but now rising star Ninja has entered the scene with this much talked about no-fuss blender. 
Its intelligent design incorporates a smart torque and Auto iQ technology, which cuts through thick mixtures with minimal liquid, without you needing to pause to stir and shake.
We’ve chosen the 2-in-1 model, which toggles between two programmes suitable for drinks and sauces or thicker smoothie bowls. For a bit extra you might also try the combined Ninja blender and soup maker—a great space saver in your kitchen, which you can use all year round.
Promising review: Loving the Ninja so far! I had a Nutribullet 900 for three years previous to the Ninja, but I'm a complete convert.
The threading on the blender cup works far better on the Ninja, when you attach the blade piece and secure it on the base. There is no leakage at all, unlike my old Nutribullet which sometimes leaked due to the threads not coming together properly.
I also like having options on how to blend, and not just the one setting like the Nutribullet.

This eco-friendly kitchen set, the Carote non-stick granite cookware (£59.99)

Carote non-stick granite cookware
The granite finish on this CAROTE cookware set adds a stylish, rustic charm to your kitchen, and it comes with environmental benefits too. Granite is corrosion-resistant and more hard-wearing than your typical metal pan, which means that it lasts longer and reduces your waste. 
The stainless steel base heats up quickly on all cooktops, including induction hobs, so you can get cooking faster and more efficiently. This set is also non-stick without relying on toxic PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium, which is better for your health over time. 
This 6-piece cookware set includes two frying pans, one saucepan with a lid, and a casserole dish, amongst other kitchen essentials. 
Promising review: This frying pan is amazing. We have not yet been able to get anything to stick. I have searched long and hard for nonstick cookware, Carote is the only brand of cookware we will purchase from this day forward. Very very very pleased with the purchase.
The heat distribution is excellent, as it is a fairly thick pan. You can cook all the way to the edges with even heat. The handles look very much like wood, but are heat resistant and are forever. I am in the process now of purchasing more from this maker.

This absorbing recipe book, Cooking: Simply and Well, For One or Many by Jeremy Lee (£30.00)

Cooking: Simply and Well, For One or Many by Jeremy Lee
Renowned British chef Jeremy Lee published this ode to good cooking last year, and it’s become an instant cookbook classic. Winner of The Times Food Book of the Year, cherished by the likes of Nigella Lawson, and topping Waterstones’ book awards, it’s a warm tribute to the delights of mingling ingredients without overcomplicating things.
You’ll find exuberant musings on deceptively simple subjects like the many uses of garlic, ways to cook a flavoursome fish, and how to brew a soup to perfection. 
Promising review: I love the author. His flamboyance and passion for food comes through very clearly. It’s not merely an indulgent book as so many are these days. Rather it is a collection of favourite and very useful recipes. I loved everything about it. I ordered another copy immediately as a gift.

This elegant Nuovva copper-set kitchen knives set (£22.99)

Every chef has their favourite kitchen knife, and the sleek design on Nuovva’s knife set makes these a promising contender. High carbon steel is known for its hardiness, which retains each knife’s scratch-proof look and sharpness while preventing rust. 
The ergonomic soft touch handles enhance your comfort while you chop. The non-slip grip texture also gives you extra chopping control.
The copper coating and flat chopping block adds extra aesthetic appeal to your knife collection, which you can present with pride amongst your kitchen gadgets
Promising review: These knives are a nice feature to your kitchen, the stand is nice and the knives are actually nice to look at rather than the bog standard block. They are very sturdy and sharp so excellent value for money.
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