60 Second stand up: Milton Jones

We chatted to the king of one-liners, Milton Jones.

60 second standup: Shazia Mirza

We chatted with Edinburgh Festival’s sassy Shazia Mirza for the latest instalment of 60-second stand-up. 

60 Second stand up: Angie Le Mar

We spent a minute with stand-up queen, Angie Le Mar, to hear about her humour, heckles and inspiration.

We chatted with prince of pranksters, Mark Dolan

We spent 60 laugh filled seconds with the hilarious eternal optimist Josie Long. 

We had a chat with the Australian queen of puns, Bec Hill, for the latest instalment of 60-second stand-up. 

We spent 60 laugh-filled seconds with the cheeky Dom Joly, the hilarious star of Trigger Happy TV

We chatted to sardonic-yet-sensitive soul Sam Simmons