The most popular hotels used in film you can actually stay in

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21st Aug 2023

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The most popular hotels used in film you can actually stay in
Hotels have been used as a setting for all kinds of films. Here, Genting Casino looks at the most popular hotels used in film that you can actually stay in
While you might not be able to carry out a casinoheist like in Ocean's Eleven or get a total makeover like in Pretty Woman, you can visit some of the locations of these iconic films and more with Genting Casino's top ten list. 

1. Ocean’s Eleven—Bellagio, Las Vegas   

Bellagio, Las Vegas
The Bellagio is closely associated with Ocean’s Eleven as the plot centres around a heist to rob the resort’s casino. Plus, it also showcases its famous dancing fountains, as the main players are gathered in front of one of its majestic displays at the end of the film.  

2. Crazy Rich Asians—Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Marina Bay Sands is one of the incredible locations and venues used in the 2018 rom-com that explores the world of ultra wealthy families in Singapore.The landmark hotel was opened in 2010 and has also featured in a number of programmes and video games too. 

3. The Bodyguard—Fontainebleau, Miami 

Fontainebleau, Miami
The Fontainebleau in Miami featured in Whitney Houston's movie debut, but it's been a setting for many other pictures too. 
"Scarface, Goldfinger and The Birdcage were also shot at Fontainbleau"
The Bodyguard is just one of many shot at the location, with others including ScarfaceGoldfinger and The Birdcage

4. Notting Hill—The Ritz, London

The Long Gallery at the Ritz, London
The Ritz served as the host of the press junket where Hugh Grant’s character famously declared himself as a reporter for Horse and Hound magazine, just to get close to Julia Roberts’ Anna Scott.
"The iconic five-star London hotel is synonymous with grandeur and luxury"
The iconic five-star London hotel is synonymous with grandeur and luxury, and also has Grade II listed status. 

5. The Hangover—Caesars Palace, Las Vegas 

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
One of Vegas’ most iconic hotels played home to much of the action of 2009’s The Hangover, where a stag party staying in one of the suites happened to lose their groom. It managed to shoot on location for most of the scenes based at the hotel, showcasing the chaos of Sin City. 

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall—Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii 

Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii
The resort where Jason Segel’s character famously went to get over the titular Sarah, before she turns up there on her own holiday, is in Oahu, Hawaii. Given its location, it comes as no surprise that it offers breathtaking views and outstanding scenery.

7. Lost in Translation—Park Hyatt Tokyo, Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo
Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson play lost souls who connect at the Park Hyatt Tokyo in Sofia Coppola's2003 film.
"The hotel is a superb vantage point for the bustling city"
The hotel is housed in the Shinjuku Park Tower, taking up the top floors and making a superb vantage point for the bustling city.  

8. Pretty Woman—Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles

beverly wilshire
Julia Roberts’ Viviangets a taste of the good life with Richard Gere’s wealthy businessman at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. It’s located on Rodeo Drive, where the character also had her famous shopping spree after being turned down by snobby shop assistants. Big mistake. HUGE!

9. The Witches—The Headland Hotel, Cornwall 

The Headland Hotel
The Headland Hotel and Spawas renamed Hotel Excelsior for the 1990 film which starred Angelica Huston as the terrifying Grand High Witch. 
Situated right next to the coast, its dramatic location served as the perfect place for the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children's book. 

10. Home Alone 2—The Plaza, New York

The Plaza New York
After being separated from his family—again—Kevin McCallister checks into The Plaza Hotelin the Home Alone sequel where he famously bumps into Donald Trump, who was the real owner at the time. Standing for over a century, it’s a New York icon and also a National Historical Landmark.
Banner Credit: Beverly Wilshire (bwzenith)
This piece was originally published by Genting Casinoon August 9, 2023 
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