10 reasons you can’t sell your home

Reader's Digest Editors

Has your home been on the market for several months with little interest from buyers? We take a look at 10 reasons why you might be struggling to sell…

The price

A property is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it and too often eager estate agents overvalue a home to get your property on their books. This can lead to high expectations and disappointment when offers are made significantly under the asking price. Sometimes it’s better to ask a slightly lower price and get the cash in your bank rather than spending months playing a waiting game.

Your photos

Do the photos of your property do it justice? Are there enough photos to give people a true picture of what your home looks like? Don’t miss rooms out and get wide angle shots with lots of light. Also make sure you’ve tided up before the pictures are taken and ‘staged’ it to look at its best.


Are you trying to sell at the wrong time of year? For example Christmas and the summer tend to be slower months for the property market than the spring and autumn.

The housing market

It might be that the property market where you live just isn’t buoyant at the moment. Factors such as elections and future uncertainty can play a huge role in the number of people looking to move home.

Presented incorrectly

Do you use the third bedroom as a home office and the dining room as a gym? Consider returning rooms to their intended use to help people visualise how they might use the property. A couple that needs 3 bedrooms might overlook that there is a 3rd bedroom but it’s currently being used as an office or someone who is set on a dining room might not realise the property has one if it’s currently used as a gym.



Are your pets holding back your property sale? Although you love your furry friends potential buyers may not and they could be put off by them during viewings. Some people are scared of animals and this can cause them to feel uncomfortable in a property while others believe that the property may be damaged by pets. Consider moving your animals - and any evidence of them - out of the property while viewings are taking place.



Smell is an incredibly emotive sense and if your property holds an odour it can instantly cause people to have negative (or positive) feelings towards your property. Smells that can put people off include cigarette smoke, damp/mould, cooking and pets. When living in a property you may find you become accustomed to a smell so ask someone else to tell you if there’s a distinct odour to your property (and don’t be offended - they are helping you out!)

Estate agent

Is your estate agent doing everything they can? Often agents are enthusiastic for the first couple of weeks that a property is on the market but then they start to lose interest. Are they giving you helpful feedback following viewings? Is it listed on Rightmove and other major online portals? Have they told you why they think your property isn’t selling? If they aren’t doing these things then you might want to consider a different agent or method of selling.


If the decor in your property is outdated then this can put people off - especially if they are going to have to do work such as replacing a bathroom or kitchen. Consider updating the decor or adjusting your price to reflect the work that needs doing.


If your property is cluttered full of furniture and possessions then people are going to find it difficult to see past them to gain an idea of its full potential. Consider storing unnecessary items while you are trying to sell your property.


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