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20% Discount with Which? Wills

20% Discount with Which? Wills

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Are you planning to make a will? Reader's Digest has partnered with Which? to offer our customers a 20% discount if you use any of Which?'s will writing services.
Many assume that our possessions will go to those closest to us if we die without a will. In reality, the law would decide the fate of any individual's possessions, money, and home.
Making a will can reduce the financial and administrative burden on your loved ones, giving them certainty and making conflict less likely.
The Which? online service is easy to use and full of guidance and advice; what is more, as a Reader's Digest customer, you can purchase any will writing service with 20% off.
The process is simple, and all you need to do is answer a few questions to see which will suit you and choose the best service for you.
CLICK HERE to get started and claim your discount
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