Remote property viewings: The norm after pandemic?


15th Jun 2020 Property

The coronavirus has affected everyone’s life, and chances are it will also modify it in many different ways, once it leaves us. One of the crucial elements in today’s crisis is the need to keep a certain distance between each other for everyone to stay healthy. In that respect, remote viewing technology will probably become more important in the rental and sales of apartments and houses in the months to come.


An Addition to Virtual Visits

Throughout the last five years, technology had already changed the way properties were sold or rented. With the arrival of the virtual tours, a few years ago, it became easier to have a better idea of what the space inside the various rooms was like. It reduced the need to visit as many houses as before, since the client could pre-select only those he deemed interesting, having already virtually walked through them. (More web and tech news)

Today, technology has gone beyond simply being able to visit a place through static images. Although it enabled the viewers to watch in high resolution, it was still impossible for them to ask the questions they had while looking at it. Now, remote viewings will be done by including interaction with the agent in charge of the property, to finally solve that problem.

How Does Remote Viewing Work?

This new capacity was added at the end of last year. It enables the agent and the client to view each other on their computer screen and discuss whenever it is necessary, throughout the virtual visit. Of course, it enables the client to ask all the questions they may have, which gives them a much better idea of the property, but it also permits the agent to better sell all its assets, which clients may not see right away. In the end, it is a win-win situation for the client who understands the plus sides better of the house he just visited.

A Great Help throughout the Pandemic

The realtors, who already had installed this system before the pandemic started, were able to really benefit from it, since it allowed them to continue showing their properties while presenting it in detail to their clients without breaking the confinement rules. That gave them a great advantage over other realtors who have to wait till the end of the quarantine in order to be able to bring the complete information to their clients.

With the situation still being full of uncertainties as to how we will all go back to work in the future, this kind of technology comes in to help some people do their work. There could also be other industries interested in it if distance between individuals remains an obligation post COVID-19.

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