Main Advantages of New-Build Homes in London


2nd Nov 2020 Property

Main Advantages of New-Build Homes in London

New Build is a new trend in London's property market. Increasingly, more and more buyers are trying to find recently refurbished properties in the city. 

The designers and construction agencies have been going the extra mile to cater to this demand.


One such popular residential area in London is in Romford where a flour mill has been converted into residential flats. These agencies do not only utilise old spaces; they reconstruct them into functional residential or commercial spaces. 

What Are New-Build Properties?

As a buyer, you wouldn’t have visited homes or offices that look brand-new but have been used or owned previously. However, New-Build property is an estate that has never been owned or lived in before. 

This can include properties that are renovated from scratch to enhance usefulness. Moreover, this is the best way of fighting the problem of property shortage in the area.

Advantages of Getting New-Build Property

The first advantage of buying a New-Build Property is that the estate comes with the fittings and fixtures that are installed in the rooms. The overall pricing will cover the expenses for these; therefore, you can save some extra. 

However, the availability of all fixtures will depend on the developer and its offer. Sometimes you will receive the carpet, dishwasher, and washing machine with the property. Furthermore, the New-Build estate is much more energy-efficient than any other conventional property. 

Few other benefits of new build houses near you are: 

Enhanced Energy-Efficiency

As we have mentioned above, the new-build houses are equipped with energy-efficient amenities and fittings. This will help the buyers save some extra throughout the years. 

Since these houses are made recently, they are designed and constructed complying with the latest regulations advised by the authorities. The builders or developers ensure that the construction is efficient and sustainable to lower the carbon emissions that are generated from a conventional residence. 

Inexpensive & Easy Purchase

The new-build spaces come with an attached premium. Therefore, interested buyers can know whether the property is priced more when compared to its previous state. They can also compare the number of rooms in the house. 

Additionally, many developers of new-build estates offer Government Help Schemes to make the buying process easier and more fluent for the buyer. These schemes specify the payment process and divide it into payable instalments. 

Moreover, if the property demands extra efforts for remodelling, then additional payment is required to make alterations or enhancements in the original design. The buyers find this option more reliable and simple than purchasing an old or used property.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

New build spaces are designed to be used almost instantly after the refurbishing is completed. This will cover all the basic necessities and appliances that one needs. Buyers will get complete assistance in gas, water, and electricity supply along with equipment. Therefore, managing and maintenance of these properties will require less financial input.

You will not have to worry about making additional repairs or modifications in the space when you move in. This will again, help you, in saving more money in the overall deal or over your living time.

Savings on Bills

Living in a new-build house is more affordable than living in a pre-owned property. Many experts agree that the post-COVID era will bring a boost to the New Build House market. Their recent construction makes the space more budget-friendly. 

By being energy-efficient, it also helps in saving more on the monthly bills that one gets for their basic services. Most of these houses are fitted with modern equipment and appliances, which justifies why owners reduce their bill payments. 

Property Size

In cost-effective pricing, the new-build properties have a smaller floor area in the same budget range than other options. With similar services and rooms, these houses have lesser space. So, if you like to keep it small and stay in “tiny houses”, then this is the perfect option for you. 

Moreover, this also helps in downsising from the luxurious lifestyle and learning minimalism. Even though the houses are designed with the latest recommendations, they make the best use of the wasted space of the old property.

Final Verdict

There is an increase in the sales of Real Estate in London; this is majorly due to the pandemic strike. However, the virus outbreak has not restricted the growth of property sales. Rather it has supported new concepts like New Build Home, which involves living in limited yet efficient space. 

Even if you are a first-time buyer, New Build options are the best for you. They will give you time to adjust to an owned home lifestyle before you get ready to make it big and move on to the next property. These are ideal for property investors as well since these have a bright future in the London Real Estate market. 

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