If your grocery bill grew like your house price

According to the Nationwide House Price Index, property has increased in value by a whopping 590% in the last 30 years. You only need to look at the pension industry to see how remarkable and important that growth has been. In 1995, a pension that would have bought an income for life of £11,380 per year would now get just £4,920. On average, you can expect your income to drop by 40%, yet the cost of living and house prices only seems to go up.

Your property is no longer just a place to call home and is now an asset you can use to your advantage. Usually, you would have to sell up and downsize to take advantage of this well performing asset, but with equity release you continue to own your home, are able to live in it, and can access some of the equity that has been building up over the years. 

These figures show that you don’t have to have lived in your property for a lifetime for it to outstrip the growth of everything else around you, including your pension. 

Equity Release Graphic

With property price growth outstripping nearly everything, it is wise to consider using your property to help fund your retirement. The calculator below will illustrate how you can do so. Enter your details and receive your calculation of how much you are eligible to release along with our Guide to Releasing Tax-Free Capital From Your Home. . People use equity release for the following:

Why do people use equity release?

The calculator below will illustrate how you can use equity release to your advantage. Enter your details and receive your calculation of how much you are eligible to release. We’ll also send you our Guide To Equity Release so please make sure your contact details are correct.


You can order your guide AND find out how much you can release using the calculator above.

We will post you our free, informative guide to equity release in today’s post and you will also be able to use our interactive, online guide instantly.

Our guide and calculator can inform you:

  • How much you will be able to release.
  • What it will cost you to do so.
  • A range of potential interest rates.
  • The different types of equity-release plan available to you.
  • What impact taking money from your property now will have on your estate.
  • Real-life examples of equity release.

The Reader’s Digest Equity Release service is provided by Retiredom, a trading style of Responsible Life, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Requesting a calculation and guide are free and without obligation. Unless you decide to go ahead with a plan, our service is free of charge as we only charge a fee if and when a plan completes. The fee is typically 1.6% of the initial amount released.