How Zeus Group have emerged as one of the most successful enterprises in the US

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31st Jan 2023 Property

How Zeus Group have emerged as one of the most successful enterprises in the US
“I serve and contribute to the people in my life. I measure my success in my mission by how much the people around me prosper.”
These are the humble words of Dr. Steven Kaufman, founder of Zeus Companies; Zeus Lending, a leading online provider of real estate financing in the US, and Zeus Equity Group, a real estate equity investment firm.
A robust work ethic and a deep passion for service are important characteristics of an entrepreneur, and Dr. Kaufman has repeatedly proven that he is a serial entrepreneur with a warrior mindset. Under his surveillance, the Zeus Companies have risen to become the best-performing real estate firms across the USA. 
The company focuses on creating a one-of-a-kind, safe and prosperous environment for investors, and adopting a banker’s mentality makes it safer for vanilla investments. The company also prides itself on having paid monthly distributions uninterrupted for over two decades. While the industry standard is quarterly or annually, this is quite an achievement for the investment firm. Sharing his work mantra, Steven said, “We don’t play to win. We play not to lose. This strategy has paid off huge for us long term.”
And it surely has paid him well. Currently resting on a whopping $250 million net worth, with 20+ years of experience in America’s real estate landscape, Dr. Steven has been listed as one of the top 40 most influential mortgage professionals in the States.
Furthermore, he has demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurial skills by managing a portfolio of almost $350 million in multifamily, office, retail, and healthcare assets and founding his own financing business and commercial real estate investment firm under the banner of Zeus Group of Companies.
Dr. Kaufman strives for excellence, whether it's for his real estate services or his own self-improvement. A champion bench presser, he leads the team responsible for $5 billion of retail mortgage loan originations, and his exceptional financial leadership has led Zeus to become the 37th fastest-growing private financial service firm in the United States. Along with that, he was a finalist at ‘Ernst and Young Global Entrepreneur of the Year’ and Business Journal ranked him as one of the ‘Top CEOs in Houston.’ Currently, he is part of the Dean’s Advisory Council for the University of Houston School of Business.
Dr. Kaufman credits his smartness and wealth to his habit of picking his peers carefully, who he believes reflect the quality of life one lives. According to him, investing in meaningful connections and relationships is important as we change our behaviors and values to earn the love and respect of the people around us. He thinks humility and confidence in one's own abilities make the perfect recipe for success.
With the right mindset, years of hard work, and passion to make a difference, Dr. Kaufman has catapulted his business venture to great heights and success.