How to make your home office more stylish


24th Feb 2021 Property

How to make your home office more stylish

A home office that’s stylish yet evokes productivity is important, especially as more of us are now working from home. Here’s some ideas on how you can effectively refresh your work space.

Be Imaginative


The right furniture in your work space not only can improve the way in which you work, but also can be a chance to get creative with your décor. Office furniture doesn’t have to be boring.

When it comes to the desk chair, of course functionality is important, as it should support your back whilst your work. But there are lots of chairs available that come in unique styles and fabrics, that can be chic as well as comfortable.

For an office desk, height is key, as it shouldn’t cause you to hunch over your work. But in terms of the materials, the options are endless. A stylish glass table can help encapsulate light into the room, whereas a traditional wooden desk can be a real statement piece in the room.

If you’re short on space, try a fold down desk that can be easily stored away when not in use. For a room that already has another function, you can incorporate furniture that matches the existing aesthetic.

Set the mood


The psychology of colour means that you can create the desired mood of the space, just by decorating your walls the correct shade. Green is a popular choice for home offices, as it evokes emotions of productivity and inspiration, as well as balancing this with a sense of calm.

Adding elements of deep purple can add a hint of luxury to your work space, but also stimulate creativity. If you don’t want to paint the entire room, creating a feature wall using a luxury wallpaper, especially where your desk is placed, is a simple yet effective way to include these colours. Plus, it creates an interesting focal point to look out whilst you work; nobody wants to be staring at just a blank wall.

Create calm


As previously mentioned, the colour green can make you feel optimistic and inspire possibility. You can easily incorporate this into your office space with natural plants and greenery. 

Not only will the plants themselves purify the air circulation, which can boost your brain power, but the splash of positive colours can also be enhanced by your choice of plant pot. A stylish pot can match the room’s existing décor, or contrast with different colours and textures. 

Try placing a small plant pot next to you on your desk, or separate your work space using cleverly placed larger plants; this is particularly effective if you are currently sharing a home office.

Feel comfortable

To increase productivity, your home office should be as a natural environment for you as possible. Try surrounding yourself with your favourite scented candles, or hang up pictures that you find pleasing to the eye.

You can make yourself more comfortable with added cushions and throws on your office chair. This will also give you the chance to experiment with materials and colours to refresh your working space, as well as create a happy environment for you to work in.

One of the joys of working from home, is that you can even create a stylish, thinking zone, if you have the room. A comfortable chair with luxury scatter cushions can be a space for conjuring up ideas, taking a phone call, or an area where you can take an important break from your screen.

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