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Futureproof your house and stay in your forever-home… forever


25th Apr 2019 Home & Garden

When you choose your perfect home and decide to put down roots, the dream is not to up-sticks and move out when you reach a certain age. By making smart decisions about your home now, you can ensure that you can stay in your family home forever.   
People are acknowledging more and more that they want their futures to play out in the home in which they have raised their families and have a raft of happy memories. Often people feel downsizing is an unappealing inevitability, but there is a way to avoid the upheaval and cost of moving house and people no longer need to worry about leaving friends, neighbours and a community they are part of. 
By investing in the simple luxury of a home lift, the forever-home can remain just that - a home forever. 
A lift in the home was once considered to be the pinnacle of luxury living. However, as home lifts have become more affordable, the designs more stylish and the structures more discreet, increasingly people are turning to the new-generation of home lift as a solution to futureproof their homes. 
One brand of these new-generation lifts – Lifton – is a perfect illustration of how sleek, contemporary design blends beautifully with both traditional and contemporary properties. The range of domestic lifts by Lifton are fast, smooth and elegantly compact with a curved profile and lit with LED down lights providing a stylish way of travelling between floors.
Cutting edge technology allows the Lifton home lift to discreetly slot into neat spaces and is ultra-flexible when deciding on placement options. Home lifts are available in a range of sizes and offer a number of bespoke features. Quiet, safe and easy-to-use, the new-generation of home lift is a revolution in personal freedom, comfort and convenience.
Increasingly, people renovating their homes choose to include a home lift in their designs to make sure the lift is fully integrated into the flow of the home, whilst giving them the knowledge their home is suitable for them to live in forever. 
A domestic lift not only enhances your home and lifestyle right now but can transform your life into older age and will give you peace of mind for the future. 

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