Could this be the fastest house sale ever?

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1st Jan 2015 Property

Could this be the fastest house sale ever?

What is your prediction for the fastest time a house can be sold in? Three weeks? Two weeks? One week? Try four hours.

Yes, you read that right. A house sale—from start to finish—was completed in just four hours, and it could be the same for you too.

So, how did it sell so quickly?

Jonathan Rolande, director of House Buy Fast remarked on the previous four-hour sale and said: “Once the price had been agreed and our solicitor had received the paperwork from the seller we completed the sale in just four hours.”

“The seller had found another property and was due to exchange. She was keen for it to happen quickly because she didn’t want to have to find somewhere else to stay and put all her belongings into storage. We pride ourselves on fitting timescales around our clients. It was a challenge - but one that us and our solicitor were up for.

“Luckily the property searches didn’t return anything untoward so we were able to progress in the timescale set for us.”


Could you beat the four-hour mark selling your house?

The seller of the property in Bradford, West Yorkshire, first contacted House Buy Fast in July 2016 but it wasn’t until October 6, 2016, that the final purchase price was agreed upon. Paperwork from the seller agreeing to the sale was sent to the House Buy Fast solicitor and once it was received on October 7th the sale was completed on the same day.

Mr Rolande continued: “The completion for this property was exceptionally fast. Our average turnaround is about 2 weeks. The reasons that people want to sell a property quickly vary greatly - from a property chain falling through to the breakdown of a relationship or mounting financial debts.

“Our solicitor is familiar with everything needed to complete a sale fast and is on standby to help at any time. Once papers were received they had to be carefully checked very quickly. There was no time to take up a search so a special insurance has to arranged to cover everything - again all in place in readiness.


“There’s no time to arrange finance so being a cash buyer is essential. We also had to arrange a super fast survey to make sure all was well.”

Even for a standard cash buyer sales can take weeks or even months. Searches and surveys have to be carried out and if they are using a solicitor with a heavy case load it can take weeks to finalise the legalities. What’s more, up to 3 in 10 sales fall through, mainly because buyers simply change their minds.

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