So, you’ve retired. What’s next?

The third part of your life, the one you have worked so hard for. 

Have you ever thought of what your children really know about you, about your parents, about your feelings, about how they will remember you? Do they know the story of your life, your struggles, your achievements? How will your grandchildren or great-grandchildren know about your origins, your first kiss or what the world was like when you were a child?


Your story. In your words. For your family.

We help our authors write their autobiographies for all sorts of reasons, one of the most common being that they don’t want their lives to be forgotten. Writing a private autobiography ensures this doesn’t happen. It protects your legacy and guarantees that your life stories will be enjoyed by generations to come. 

Reader’s Digest Private Autobiographies - in partnership with LifeBook

Your 20 hours of face-to-face meetings are developed by a professional ghostwriter into a manuscript, which is regularly edited by our team in the UK through consultation with you. We then add your photos and, after a final review and your sign-off, the completed LifeBook is printed, section sewn and linen bound into beautiful hand-crafted books.

LifeBook author Nigel Gray with his private autobiography Snapshot

Why Nigel became a LifeBook client and author

It started with my daughter, who’s now 33. I’ve always told her stories about what I used to do in the past. Sometimes when I hear her telling them back to people, they’re not exactly what I told her.

So, she said “All right, then, why don’t write a book, Dad?”

I replied, “I couldn’t write a book. I’m not very good at that sort of thing.” (Sometimes, I can’t even write an email!)

Then she suggested, “Well, can’t you get somebody to tell it for you?”

I thought about this, looked on the internet and found LifeBook. After one call, the rest is history.


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