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What is the Latest Trend in the Home Cleaning Business?


7th May 2019 Home & Garden

Industry Challenges

According to recent industry reports, it is estimated that the average cleaning company loses up to 55% of their business every year due to poor service. For cleaning businesses, this statistic alone can be a nightmare, posing a real threat to those who fall behind in improving their operations and offerings. The best opportunities are most likely to be in specialty cleaning services that have a unique offering that grants them differentiation from local competition, and helps them provide their clients with superior services.

How Technology Helps

As today’s dynamic world keeps moving forward – hand in hand with technological advances and smarter ways to do business – industry disruption is key. While Virtual Reality may have started out as an immersive gaming tool, several industries picked it up as a measure to enhance operations.

Virtual Reality is making its way, helping various lines of business, including real estate and construction; employee training simulations; research data visualisation; heavy-duty manufacturing like ships, planes and military equipment, among others.

The Latest Trend? Virtual Reality in Home Cleaning

Luckily, this London cleaning company and other progressive cleaning businesses have started integrating Virtual Reality technologies and smart glasses in order to achieve best practices in terms of training their staff, monitoring their processes, and guiding their operations in real time.

Virtual Reality solutions for home cleaning businesses can provide detailed visualized cleaning instructions via smart glasses; a detailed breakdown of what tasks need to be completed; the order of the tasks themselves; the tools and cleaning materials to use; and sometimes even how much pressure to apply to the individual surfaces to successfully finish the task.

Not only can this new system brings improvements and standardisation to the business, it can also help operators manage all the aspects of the cleaning process and put enhancement measures in place almost immediately. The utilization of Virtual Reality will make the industry more efficient, productive, and easier to manage, rendering quality results at affordable prices. It will also enhance competitiveness and place companies that use state-of-the-art technologies in a league of their own.

The Applications

The use of VR not only helps the general operations for home cleaning, but also improves quality and hygiene levels for homes with special and critical requirements – like those with pets, toddlers, senior citizens, persons with disability, as well as individuals with certain health conditions. This is because the increased accuracy of cleaning and the guarantee that every inch of the space is taken care of ensuring optimum results and enhances the company’s credibility. This, in turn, strengthens trust, encourages retention of customers, as well as generates word of mouth and client conversion.

Mutual Satisfaction

The utilisation of Virtual Reality in home cleaning is not only empowering business owners by enabling them to give their companies a winning edge; it also allows paying customers to monitor staff performance in real time – with criteria like location, date, time, and other work-specific factors – allowing for customized services, as well as special offerings like extra sterilisation or contamination containment.

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