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What Are the Different Ways to Earn Money from Bitcoin?


22nd Jun 2020 Managing your Money

What Are the Different Ways to Earn Money from Bitcoin?

Are you finding ways to earn money from bitcoin? Well, most people have a general misconception that investing and trading are the only ways to earn money from bitcoin. No doubt, you can earn money by trading bitcoin which we will discuss in this article. However, there are many other possibilities through which you can earn money indirectly from bitcoin.


If you don’t want to directly invest in bitcoin then no need to worry, you will discover more ways to earn money from bitcoin. Read this article till the end you will find some realistic ways for earning money from bitcoin.

Ways to Earn Money from Bitcoin

Earning money from bitcoin can be categorized in two ways. First, direct investment in bitcoin, and second, there are a few indirect ways that we will discuss later in the article.

Direct Investment

The most popular and widely known way to earn money from bitcoin is to invest in it. So generally, you can invest in bitcoin in many different ways such as long-term investment (HODLing), short-term investment, day trading, and scalping. You can invest in bitcoins through online trading platforms like bitcoin system. However, there is a high risk associated with it, but some people have earned money from this strategy and miracles like Holly Willoughby Bitcoin This Morning are unfortunately not real.


In HODLing, you buy bitcoin at a lower price and hold it for a long time to grow. Then you sell your holdings when you feel that you have reached your target. This technique is the most common and easiest way to invest in bitcoin. However, there is a high risk associated with it, but some people have earned money from this strategy.


In short-term investment, you buy bitcoin only for a few weeks to a month and sell it once you reach your target. Day trading is the most widely used technique to invest in bitcoin. You need to learn technical analysis to make a consistent profit from the market.


In day trading, you take a one or two trades to earn a profit. You can both take a long and short positions in day trading. Finally, scalping is another way to trade bitcoin, generally in this technique is used in algo-trading which takes multiple trades in a single day. If you want to invest in bitcoin, check out bitcoin era.


Writing About Bitcoin

Are you passionate about bitcoin or digital currency? If you are interested in this topic and blockchain technology then you can also earn money by writing articles on it. You need to have good writing skills and a good understanding of digital currencies and the technology behind it. You can search for online work on different content service providers to write for them or you can even start your own blog. Staring a blog on bitcoin or digital currency can be profitable in the future.

Developing Blockchain Applications

If you have a good understanding of bitcoin, then you must have heard about blockchain. Blockchain is a distributed ledger through which the cryptocurrency transactions are possible. You can learn coding and programming to develop applications which are used for bitcoin. This may be initially hard, but once you become an expert there is a huge opportunity for this in the future. 

Bitcoin Mining

Another way of earning money from bitcoin is by bitcoin mining. Mining is a process by which the transaction records are added to the distributed ledger by solving complex computational problems. When you are able to solve a problem, you earn bitcoins. You need to work hard for earning money by mining bitcoin.

Final words

Hopefully, the article has helped you to discover different ways to earn money from bitcoin. There are other ways to earn money such as starting your own bitcoin exchange. However, you need a lot of money for this and you need to work hard to make it successful. If you know more ways to earn money through bitcoin, please suggest them to the comment section.

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