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Top 10 Money Saving Apps


1st Jan 2015 Managing your Money

Top 10 Money Saving Apps

There are so many brilliant apps out there (some more serious than others) including a host of fabulous thrifty aids.


1. Citywire Selection is a new independent guide to the best 130 investment funds in the UK, selected by a panel of 6 impartial experts. This app is clear and easy to use, allowing you to compare funds, chart their performance over time, and get the view of Citywire’s panel on each one.

2. Quidco is a great app that’ll see you get paid just for checking in to certain shops! Discover cashback offers, voucher codes and meal deals for free.

3. RedLaser allows you to compare prices by scanning products, so you can check that you’re getting the best deal while you’re shopping. It’s free and has been downloaded by 19 million shoppers.

4. MyGas allows you to search for the closest and cheapest petrol station to you. Fuel prices can differ greatly, so this free app will save you from paying over the odds when you fill up.

5. Skype has been a desktop favourite for some years now, but it’s also now available as an app. Phone calls, video calls and instant messaging are available on the move.

6. Nosey Parker shows you all the free parking spaces in your current location. It costs £2.99, but with today’s parking charges it’ll pay for itself in one use.

7. Vouchercloud uses GPS to find the very best deals for restaurants and shops close to you, so you need never pay over the odds again.

8. Fuel School can save you up to 10% on your fuel bill by using GPS to analyse your driving style and calculate your fuel efficiency. It then provides tips on how to drive more economically, saving you money on every tank. Fuel School costs 69p.

9. 0870 costs just 69p and will save you a fortune on those annoying premium-rate numbers. You simply type in the number you need to call and the app will produce a list of local-rate numbers for the same company.

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