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The free debt advice that could solve your money worries

The free debt advice that could solve your money worries

If you’ve got debts you can’t handle, it can be scary to acknowledge them. Free debt advice is widely available across the UK, helping people to stop worrying and start repaying.

New figures from the Money Advice Service reveal that getting free advice really can help.

Sixty-five per cent of people who received regulated debt advice were repaying the money they owed or had repaid in full within three to six months.

Some of the ways people improved their finances after seeking advice included regularly checking their income and expenses, opening up their bills in the post, planning to pay bills in priority order and keeping to a spending plan.


Relieving the burden

The Money Advice Service research also found that getting debt help has a huge effect on well-being.

Almost three quarters (73 per cent) of people who sought debt advice felt Free Debt Advice Can Help Ease Money Worriesless stressed about dealing with their finances, and a similar number (69 per cent) said their relationships improved.

Two thirds (62 per cent) were able to sleep better, and seven in ten found they were performing better at work.


Getting free debt advice

Debt advisers won’t judge you or make you feel bad for any decisions that caused the problems. Instead they’ll suggest ways to deal with the debt, and offer advice on ways to better manage your money.

You can access free advice online, over the phone or face-to-face wherever you live in the UK. What you discuss will also be confidential.


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