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Surprising things that you can buy through bitcoin

Surprising things that you can buy through bitcoin

When the mysterious creator of bitcoin launched it, he announced it for day-to-day transactions.

Undeniably, earlier people could not recognize the actual potential of bitcoin, and very few people used it to pay for their goods and services. Visit if you wish to make your trading journey smoother and profitable by getting the most accurate trading calls. As soon as multinational companies like Microsoft learned about the benefits of bitcoin as a monetary system, they immediately announced bitcoin payments.

Two early mover tech giants were Paypal and Microsoft, and these companies set an example for other companies to accept bitcoin payments. The range of goods and products one can obtain by paying with bitcoin varies from region to region, but here is the list of some products that you can buy with bitcoin no matter in what country you are. \

Products to buy with bitcoin

Tech products

Microsoft started to accept bitcoins on their website as a payment option. In addition, some other companies like Dell, Virgin Mega Bloks, Overstock, Expedia and Newegg have also accepted bitcoin payments.


Electronic stores such as Tiger Direct began accepting bitcoin in 2013 to buy digital products such as gaming consoles, cameras and other electronics products. They also started offering specific discounts if people use bitcoin.


You can buy a movie ticket with bitcoins in some theatres like the regal theatre chain, for example. The discount offered for bitcoin is about 10 to 15%.

Food Items

It is one stunning example of using bitcoin. You can buy many food items with bitcoins at restaurants like Papa John's, Dominos and other restaurants. In addition, people can choose to pay with bitcoins in restaurants that are not authorized to pay with credit cards.


Some 4-star hotels have also started accepting bitcoins on their website as a payment option for reserving a room for the guest.


You can get some accessories for your cell phone using bitcoins. You can also buy some accessories for computers. Moreover, it is now possible to purchase jewellery and watches using bitcoin.


You can easily purchase cars using bitcoins because many companies that sell cars online also accept bitcoins as a payment option. Germany is the best example where all the car companies that sell cars online are now accepting bitcoin.


Several sites have started offering a variety of services like Web hosting, cloud computing and domain registration with bitcoins. Services offered include web hosting, domain registration, web design and other things.

Leading MNCs that announced bitcoin payments

  Several leading companies have announced bitcoin payments. Look at the list of them.

Microsoft: Microsoft accepts bitcoins as a payment method on its website and offers discounts to customers who pay with bitcoins.

Amazon: Amazon also announces bitcoin payments on its website. The company provides a 10% discount when people pay using bitcoins, and one can withdraw from the Amazon account in the same payment.

Overstock: Overstock is another one of the leading companies that have announced bitcoin payments in the recent past on their website.

New egg- Newegg has also announced bitcoin payments on their website. By paying with bitcoins, people can purchase electronics, accessories, games, software, etc.

Dell: Dell announced bitcoin payments on its website, and people who use this payment option can buy many electronic items at a discount from the Dell website.

TigerDirect: TigerDirect is another leading company that accepts bitcoin payments to pay for buying electronic products.

Home Depot- Home Depot has announced the acceptance of bitcoins on its website. You can purchase home appliances, furniture, tools and other items at discount rates by paying through bitcoins.

PayPal: PayPal is a leading company that accepts bitcoin as a payment option. The company provides a 10% discount for paying with bitcoin through its website.

Flex jobs: Flex jobs is yet another leading company that accepts bitcoins as a payment option on its website. The company provides an exclusive voucher to customers who pay with bitcoins on the Flex jobs sites.

Starbucks: Starbucks is another leading company that accepts bitcoin with many discount offers, and has recently announced Bitcoin payments on its website. You can buy a variety of coffee and other beverages at a discount from Starbucks using bitcoins

eBay: It is also known as the most excellent online marketplace in the world. eBay has now announced bitcoin payments to purchase almost anything one can think of, including computers, cameras, furniture, clothes etc.

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