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Some of the best stocks that you should know about


21st Sep 2021 Managing your Money

Some of the best stocks that you should know about

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry can buy new stock. What's challenging is to buy the right stock that will sustain and eventually outgrow our expectations from it. This can only be possible with strategic planning and in-depth knowledge about stocks.


Covid affect on stocks

Since the Coronavirus has come up, like every other industry, even the stock market has struggled to cope up with the change. Although, the ongoing trends suggest that it will come back to its normal status, if not stronger. The pandemic is still a concern as the new cases of Covid are still on the rise and it doesn't seem like this would end very soon. Thus, the players in the market are cautious and are carefully observing the happenings around them.

Before investing, one should understand that there are thousands of stocks in the market that has the potential to be the next big thing. The safest way is to aim for stocks that have institutional support and value. Other than that, the supply and demand of the stocks should certainly play a huge role in your decisions.

Types of stocks 

There are, of course, multiple stocks to look out for in the market. The topmost from our chosen list is Microsoft(duh!). Microsoft stock, MSFT, is valued at around $2 trillion, which makes it one of the only 4 other trillion stocks globally. This is no ordinary feat. 

The most important factor to consider here for Microsoft's high rating would be its mind-boggling earnings performance. Their growth has reached more than 30% which is mainly due to their acceleration in the last 2 quarters. There were no surprises when Microsoft beat the targets set by Wall Street for the second quarter. Microsoft's cloud computing has been doing wonders for them. It has made sure the growth of Microsoft stays upward. 

Stock market and work from home strategy 

The work from home and learn from home strategies have further helped them to strengthen their positions during the ongoing pandemic. The cloud services of Microsoft are targeting students and workers who need it the most in their homes. CEO Satya Nadella seemed extremely pleased with his company's performance during the pandemic. He had said that the ongoing change due to Covid is digital transformation in the truest sense. Analysts predict that Microsoft's earnings will keep rising and will almost reach 10% in 2022.

West pharmaceutical stock

Another stock to look out for is WST. The West Pharmaceutical Services best stock trading apps uk has accelerated its growth in the past 4 quarters. Don't get confused with the name, as the company doesn't produce drugs itself. They however produce products that help drugs and medicines get delivered to the patients. No points in guessing that their customers are the companies that are working on the vaccines and medicines for the Covid 19 virus. It's almost certain that once the vaccines are on a rollout, the prices will surge. Hence, WST stock can be considered a safe option because of its longevity in the market.

China and international stocks

China is responsible for more than half of the e-commerce businesses globally. One shouldn't miss out on this opportunity when thinking about getting into the stocks game. Alibaba is the leader in this sector but is closely followed by its competitor and that is JD.com. The part that differentiates JD from other companies is its focus on the quality of its infrastructure and products.

International stocks can be of great value if you are looking to diversify your portfolio or making way for new paths to growth.

If you are interested in a specific but leading contender in the international circuit, you should definitely check out Yandex. It’s also known as the Google of Russia as it exactly serves the purpose of what the former giant does. The entire search engine system is responsible for tons of operations of businesses that include food, entertainment, social networking, and almost everything else. This can be a great addition to your name considering its ever-growing popularity.

Why choose international stocks

Why should one invest in international funds? If you are still concerned and confused about this, let us give you some more insight. Foreign stocks and funds give you more opportunities and options to grow which you would certainly miss out on if you were only stuck in the national markets. Yes, you need to know everything about it, before diving into them, but as many of the key players have benefitted from it, so can you. In fact, international stocks can sometimes even be valued cheaply and wouldn't be very heavy on your pocket. 

So the risk factor might be lesser than the domestic companies. There is no doubt that domestic companies are sinking their teeth into international markets and would soon be declared as one themselves, but having a direct stake outside your domestic market can prove beneficial in the long run.

NovoCore can be a good choice

Novocore stock is another great example to consider. The company helps in curing cancer by producing electrified technologies. The technology keeps the tumor from spreading. The company is engaged in curing the most hazardous and deadly cancers that include the stomachs and pancreas. Novocure stock is the one to look out for due to its experience in the medical background, which is needed now more than ever. It's not just the background, but their stocks even have a great composite rating of 92 out of 99.

 If you are looking for an Indian company, HDFC bank can be a great option too. It is considered the country's largest private sector lender. It is naturally predicted to grow as the economy of the country keeps growing. HDFC is spread out in almost 3000 cities. The total branches of the bank can be calculated at 5300 across India. 

The big money game

Banks are usually considered as a safe bet due to the familiarity of their working procedures and their longevity globally. Apart from this, the digital payments that have replaced almost all the other traditional paying methods, are also a huge part of HDFC. Their payment systems are on the rise and would surely keep rising due to the country's ‘Go Digital' campaign. Hence, it can be considered a good option to look out for in the big-money game!

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