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Should you get a smart meter?

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Should you get a smart meter?

There’s no missing the TV adverts pushing smart meters that will apparently save you a heap of money.

These ads are everywhere and it's no wonder the implementation programme is overbudget by £1 billion when so much money is being spent on ads in prime time TV slots

Despite this, it’s an open secret in the energy industry that the target of every home having one by 2020 will be missed by a country mile.

But the big question remains - should you get a smart meter?

We think the answer is no. Not yet anyway.

The biggest mistake the Government is making is allowing the Big Six energy companies to install smart meters which stop working if you switch energy supplier.

They go “dumb” as soon you switch.

The Big Six love these - they need every trick they can get to keep customers.

But that means they’re next to useless for consumers.

The Government claims these meters will be updated so you can switch with them soon. However, the “update” has been delayed countless times.

But what about the big money saving you can make via a smart meter that they advertise on TV?

Well, it looks to be all spin.

The Government has admitted that the real saving is just £11 a year.

So we'd suggest you hold off from getting a smart meter - no-one can force you to have one - until the new models come in that actually work with other suppliers.

And in the meantime, if you really want to save money the best thing to do is switch suppliers.

We’ve built a new auto-switching service called Look After My Bills which does it all for you. Just one sign up.

We find you a deal, put you on it and handle all of the switching.

Contacting your old supplier, your new supplier and cancelling direct debit etc.

You just relax. And the best bit is we will do it for free and we do it automatically every year.

So you never get ripped off and are always on a great deal.

You can forget about wasting your time on a price comparison site ever again.

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